Bullying Dominican Republic Free Labor Haitian Hamitic

Mason-Dixon Line Prison Industry Preferred young males 15-25

Hemp Holds Highest Hopes for Helping Haiti Rebuild Economy and Environment As Haiti rebuilds its rural areas, value-added agriculture must play the central role.  There is a great need for sustainable and socially acceptable agricultural systems.  The foundation could include a the most versatile and useful crops known to humanity – namely industrial hemp and closely related  medical marijuana.  Compared to any alternative, these will provide much higher value per acre, while rebuilding the land and rural economy.

Land grabbing is the contentious issue of large-scale land acquisitions: the buying or leasing of large pieces of land in developing countries, by domestic and transnational companies, governments, and individuals.

Efforts at such expulsion have been made in Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina,

and all have failed, just because the black man as a freeman is a useful member of society. To drive him away, and thus deprive the South of his labor, would be as absurd and monstrous as for a man to cut off his right arm, the better to enable himself to work.


  • Many Africans resisted the slave trade, but some participated.
  • Rulers of Asante, Dahomey, Oyo, and Benin played an active role in the Transatlantic Trade
  • Europeans needed permission to build trading posts
  • In return they paid high prices to African leaders
    • Firearms, rum, textiles, etc.
  • Other reasons African Rulers became involved in trading their own people.
  • Wanted control of trade routes
  • Greed and willingness to exploit neighbours
  • Defend themselves
  • To do this they needed weapons. To get weapons they needed to raid neighbours to get captives.
  • Families were torn apart
  • Communities wiped out
  • Entire nations destroyed.

The Captives

  • The main captives came from West Africa.
  • Captured:
    • They would fight to get free.
      • Many died
      • Survivors were chained and marched to the coast
    • Some journey’s lasted weeks, other months.
    • Trading took place on the travel
    • Less than half survived to the trading posts.
  • Imprisoned:
    • Most were held in dungeons of European trading factories.
    • They waited weeks or months to be placed on ships.
    • At the factory captives would be inspected.
    • 5% would die during the stay.
    • Preferred young males 15-25
    • Females and males between 8-15 or 25-35 went for lower prices.

The French

  • The French joined the trade in Africans to exploit their resources in the Caribbean.
  • They needed workers so they took over the Dutch trading posts on the West African Coast
  • Between 1540-1800’s

    • Ships delivered 1.6 million enslaved Africans to Martinique, St. Christopher, Guadeloupe, and Saint Dominque (Haiti)

New France

  • (now Quebec)
  • 1st Enslaved African was a young boy- Oliver LeJeune.
  • Arrived in 1628 and became the servant to Father Paul LeJeune
  • Eventually they too needed more workers.
  • Government officials and wealthy merchants had domestic servants
  • 1759- 1132 enslaved Africans were living in New France
  • When Britain gained control they agreed that enslaved Africans would be under British rule.


  • They needed slaves to work on their plantations in South America & in the Caribbean. In the 16th century, Charles I issued the 1st Asiento, a license to import slaves into Spanish Colonies. This gave Spain a monopoly on the slave trade.
  • Spain did not have it’s own trading posts.
  • They sold asientos to foreign merchants and financers.
  • The winning bidders had the rights to sell Africans into slavery through the Spanish Empire.
  • As a result the enslaved Africans were being defined in terms of their labor potential. For the first time Africans were being valued in terms of their worth by means of a peca de India.
  • Although the definition changed overtime, all individuals who passed inspection between the ages of 15 and 25 were worth one peca de India each.
  • 1492- Christopher Columbus claimed the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, now Haiti and Dominican Republic, for Spain.

  • This was disastrous for the indigenous people that lived there.
  • He exploited the local Tainos people. They tried to resist but they could not because of the fire arms.
  • Most of the population was slaughtered.
  • By early 1500’s violence and European disease wiped out the Tainos.
  • This repeated in all other areas where the Spainish looked for gold and silver.
  • Spaniards needed workers for mining and soon turned to Africans


SAN PEDRO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – FEBRUARY 29: A Haitian child plays on a batey on February 29, 2012 in San Pedro, Dominican Republic. A batey is the name given to communities that reside inside of sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic that are comprised mainly of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent. Living and working conditions inside the bateyes are often extremely impoverished, with limited access to health care, no running water or sanitary facilities and a lack of electricity. For decades Haitians have been fleeing the turmoil of their country to come and work as seasonal workers in the sugar cane industry in the Dominican Republic, with many staying on permanently in the country. It is estimated that somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Haitians are currently living Dominican Republic. Due to a climate of discrimination based on ethnic origins and a fear of a Haitian influx, the Dominican government has adopted policies that make it difficult to impossible for many Haitians to live a normal life in the country. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The first Jewish settlement

In 1492, the first Jew to ever set foot in Haiti was Luis de Torres, an interpreter for Christopher Columbus. After Haiti was taken over and colonized by the French in 1633, many Dutch Jews (whom many were Marrano) emigrated from Brazil in 1634 and became employees of the French sugar plantations and further developed the trade. In 1683, the Jews were expelled from Haiti and all of the other French colonies, due to the Code Noir (Black Code), which not only restricted the activities of free Negroes, but forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism (it included a provision that all slaves must be baptized and instructed in the Roman Catholic religion), and in turn ordered all the Jews out of France’s colonies. However, despite the Black Code, a limited number of Jews remained in French trading companies as leading officials, including foreign citizens (Dutch, Danish, or English) or holders of special residence permits (lettres patentes). These Jews specialized in agricultural plantations. Portuguese Jews from Bordeaux and Bayonne settled mainly in the southern part of Haiti (Jacmel, Jérémie, Léogâne, Les Cayes, Petit-Goâve, and Port-au-Prince) and Jews from Curaçao settled in the northern part (Cap-Haitien, and Saint Louis).[2][3]

The Dominican Republic’s French Dutch Jews Brazil a anti-Hamitic Negus a Tortured Relationship With Its Haitian Hamitic nationals

The Dominican Republic’s Tortured Relationship With Its Haitian Minority

Here’s Why Hemp Should be Your New Favorite Plant http://www.care2.com/greenliving/heres-why-hemp-should-be-your-new-favorite-plant.html


Too many Innocent people in Jail to keep care of the guilty ones

Jamil Brown FSU california Boys State 2014

Kidnapping innocent blacks is Motivated by Free Cash and Free Labor:

I give blacks permission to defend themselves and their families against harm. I give Blacks permission to hire officers that they choose. I give blacks permission to not go to jail if innocent. I give blacks permission to love one another. i give blacks permission to grow all the weed they want to feed their family and to beautify there communities. i give blacks permission to control when their trash is picked up. I give blacks permission to choose the teachers they children spend their days with.

When you, our white fellow countrymen, have attempted to do anything for us, it has generally been to deprive us of some right, power or privilege which you yourself would die before you would submit to have taken from you.(Frederick Douglas)

Abrahan Lincoln’s emphasis on ending slavery was as much to protect economic opportunity for free whites as it was to prevent slavery’s spread. Abraham Lincoln’s beef with slavery was that it robbed poor white men of jobs.

What shall be done with Negus if the jails close and hemp is legalized?

Our answer is, do nothing with them; mind your business, and let them mind theirs. Your doing with them is their greatest misfortune. They have been undone by your doings, and all they now ask, and really have need of at your hands, is just to let them alone. They suffer by every interference, and succeed best by being let alone. The Negro should have been let alone in Africa—let alone when the pirates and robbers offered him for sale in our Christian slave markets— (more cruel and inhuman than the Mohammedan slave markets)—let alone by courts, judges, politicians, legislators and slavedrivers—let alone altogether, and assured that they were thus to be let alone forever, and that they must now make their own way in the world, just the same as any and every other variety of the human family. As colored men, we only ask to be allowed to do with ourselves, subject only to the same great laws for the welfare of human society which apply to other men, Jews, Gentiles, Barbarian, Sythian. Let us stand upon our own legs, work with our own hands, and eat bread in the sweat of our own brows. When you, our white fellow countrymen, have attempted to do anything for us, it has generally been to deprive us of some right, power or privilege which you yourself would die before you would submit to have taken from you. When the planters of the West Indies used to attempt to puzzle the pure minded Wilberforce with the question, How shall we get rid of slavery? his simple answer was, “quit stealing.” In like manner, we answer those who are perpetually puzzling their brains with questions as to what shall be done with the Negro, “let him alone and mind your own business.” If you see him plowing in the open field, leveling the forest, at work with a spade, a rake, a hoe, a pickaxe, or a bill—let him alone; he has a right to work. If you see him on his way to school, with spelling book, geography and arithmetic in his hands—let him alone. Don’t shut the door in his face, nor bolt your gates against him; he has a right to learn—let him alone. Don’t pass laws to degrade him. If he has a ballot in his hand, and is on his way to the ballotbox to deposit his vote for the man whom he thinks will most justly and wisely administer the Government which has the power of life and death over him, as well as others—let him alone; his right of choice as much deserves respect and protection as your own. If you see him on his way to the church, exercising religious liberty in accordance with this or that religious persuasion—let him alone.—Don’t meddle with him, nor trouble yourselves with any questions as to what shall be done with him. Frederick Douglas.

Williams gets this second chance at sentencing because of a Supreme Court ruling in the Miller versus Arkansas 2012 case that says it’s unconstitutional to have a mandatory life sentence for someone who was under age 18 at the time of the offense. [Writing for the majority in the decision concerning juvenile offenders, Justice Elena Kagan said the Constitution forbids “requiring that all children convicted of homicide receive lifetime incarceration without possibility of parole, regardless of their age and age-related characteristics and the nature of their crimes.”Justices Bar Mandatory Life Terms for Juveniles

The law in North Carolina used to be that if a defendant, age 16 and above was convicted of first-degree murder, he automatically got a life sentence. Williams was 17 in 2008.



COLUMBUS, Ohio — About 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year, a new study suggests.

The results are based on a survey of 188 judges, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs and police

chiefs in Ohio and 41 state attorneys general.

The study also found that the most important factor leading to wrongful conviction is eyewitness


The Economist

Jul 22, 2010 – First, it puts too many people away for too long. …. Innocent defendants may plead guilty in return for a shorter sentence to avoid the risk of a …


The truth was that southern slaveowners had a near stranglehold on the country. Historian Leonard L. Richards noted that in the early 19th Century, “a slaveholding oligarchy ran the country – and ran it for their own advantage.”55 Richards wrote “that slavemasters had far more power than their numbers warranted, In the sixty-two years between Washington’s election and the Compromise of 1850, for example, slaveholders controlled the presidency for fifty years, the [House] Speaker’s chair for forty-one years, and the chairmanship of House Ways and Means for forty-two years.”56 Slaves also represented economic power. Historian James M. McPherson wrote: “Slaves were the principal form of wealth in the South – indeed in the nation as a whole. The market value of the four million slaves in 1860 was close to $3 billion – more than the value of land, of cotton, or of anything else in the slave states, and more than the amount of capital invested in manufacturing and railroads combined for the whole United States.” McPherson wrote: “The centrality of slavery to ‘the Southern way of life’ had long focused the region’s politics on defense of the institution….But with the rise of the cotton kingdom, slavery became in the eyes of Southern whites by the 1830s a ‘positive good’ for black and white alike.”57 Eventually, Republicans would seize on opposition to “slave power” as a key political concept. Historian Historian William E. Gienapp wrote that the “ambiguity” of “slave power” “offered certain advantages, for it allowed Republican orators to shift its meaning somewhat to support most effectively their argument.”58The impact of slavery on the American economy was pervasive. William Lee Miller wrote: “In 1861, as Lincoln took office, American slavery was a huge, entrenched, enormously powerful, fiercely defended and increasingly profitable institution. The half-million slaves present at the nation’s beginning had grown now to four million, or one-eighth of the nation’s population. Slavery was not only an enormous economic force in itself but had fundamental ties to other industries – cotton, sugar, rice, tobacco, indigo – and the whole economy, indirectly.”59 Gienapp wrote: “Apprehension that slavery would become national was not an infrequent theme voiced by a few excited politicians; it permeated Republican thought after 1856, and its advocates included the party’s most thoughtful spokesmen.”60

As Mr. Lincoln feared, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 lit the fires of slavery agitation that led to violence in Kansas between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions, and ultimately led to the Civil War. Scholar David Zarefsky wrote: “The Lecompton struggle [of 1857] made plain the counterproductive effects of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Not only had it not promoted local self-government, but it had also, in [James] Rawley’s words, ‘elicited the worst traits from the American people: fraud in voting, guerrilla fighting, sophistical logic, trickery, terrorism, passion, insult, extreme partisanship, murder, and underpinning all else – a vicious racialism.’ It also marked the practical end of the dispute over slavery in the territories.”61

Clementa Pinckney ‘Amazing grace’: Obama reflects on race in powerful eulogy for slain pastor Senator

The pastor of Emanuel A.M.E. Church and South Carolina state legislator made remarks on the Senate floor on May 9, 2015 regarding the April 2015 shooting of Walter Scott by a police officer.

The pastor of Emanuel A.M.E. Church and South Carolina state legislator

“Maybe we now realize the way racial bias can affect us even when we don’t realize it,” Obama said, drawing the crowd to their feet. “So that we search our hearts when we consider laws that make it hard for some of citizens to vote. By recognizing our common humanity, by treating every child as important regardless of the color of their skin and the station into which they were born and to do what is necessary to make opportunity real for every American.”

“We are here today to remember a man of god who lived by faith. A man who believed in things not seen. A man who believed there were better days ahead off in the distance,” Obama said. “What a life Clementa Pinckney lived, an example that he set. A model for his faith.”

According to witnesses, Roof told the congregants, “you are raping our women and taking over our country” before he gunned them down.

Obama leads church in singing ‘Amazing Grace’

Federal authorities are now investigating the shooting as a hate crime. Meanwhile, photos have surfaced of Roof posing with Confederate flags and along with a manifesto allegedly attributed to him preaching white supremacy.

Mason Die Line

Mason-Dixon Line, it was a divided city. With strong sympathies for southern interests, and a city with the largest population of freed African-American

Darren Wilson “HandsUpDontShoot”

Bullett Proof Vest For Kids

Teach children:N0-hitting; no name-calling. It’s about shades of black or white; it’s has to be about what is right and what is wrong. Cops are no more than what their training is. COPS all get same training. COPS, stick together, [until that person is black, in Dillon’s case,(if the officer was black, brown or green) therein, COPS broke their own tradition.] The officer that killed 18 year old graduate, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, claimed about, Michael Brown, looked like a monster, so he killed him. to wit: Darren Wilson stated:

“Mike Brown with his hands up at that point, I just went like this,.”
Darren Wilson continued to the grand jury that…
” I tried to pull the trigger again click, nothing happened.”

Legally, that’s first degree murder. Not that I believe in the laws of this land, I am held fully accountable to them. Slave law was for African Americans to build the United States of America, with their bear hands, for free. In addition, You may find that Mike Brown’s countenance, can be good reason, as did Darren Wilson’s peers. However, Michael Brown’s community, not willing to accept that, and wanted Darren Wilson to know that as a man on two legs, In the community where Michael Brown lived and was killed, every body looked just like him. It really didn’t matter what people in Utah felt about the officers defense, or, if they wanted to remain silent, The world needed to know how Blacks feel about themselves, and that, truly to those who actually built this nation, and nursed it’s offspring, black lives, better damn well be treated, particularly by paid public servants, like they matter. Can you hear me? Black Lives Matter. Good people need to speak up against greed, jealousy and evil, not colour, when ever it’s un godly head appears.

Darren wilson's testimony that Mike Brown had his hands up.

Darren wilson’s testimony that Mike Brown had his hands up.

To provide for the diversification of employment of Federal prisoners, for their training and
schooling in trades and occupations, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled,
That it shall be the duty of the Attorney General to provide employ-
ment for all physically fit inmates in the United States penal and correctional institutions in
such diversified forms as will reduce to a minimum competition with private industry or
free labor.
Prison Industry Revenues and stock prices are skyrocketing for private prison companies that build immigration prisons, like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, Inc.

Prison Industry Revenues and stock prices are skyrocketing for private prison companies that build immigration prisons, like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, Inc.




 Both the Houston Processing Center and the Wackenhut-operated (a division of GEO Group) Aurora Processing Center opened in 1984. http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/node/2393

Both the Houston Processing Center and the Wackenhut-operated (a division of GEO Group) Aurora Processing Center opened in 1984. http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/node/2393

the number of Federal inmates. Between 1930, when the BOP was established, and 1979,
the number of Federal inmates remained fairly constant, ranging from 17,000 to 24,000.
After 1980, the population began to climb dramatically: from 24,000 in 1980, to 50,000 in
1987, to nearly 95,000 by 1994.
1.  Increased prosecution for drug-related crimes,
2.  longer sentences, the abolition of parole, and an
3.  increasing responsibility for housing aliens awaiting deportation accounted for much of that increase.

Appendix C: Presidential Order Establishing FPI

EXECUTIVE ORDER Creating Prison Industry
Creating A Body Corporate To Be Known As Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Act of June 23, 1934,(Public No. 461,73rd
Congress), it is hereby ordered that a corporation of the District of Columbia be and is
hereby created, said Corporation to be named as
1. The governing body of said corporation shall consist of a board of five directors to hold
office at the pleasure of the President. The following persons shall constitute the first Board
of Directors:
Mr. Sanford Bates
Mr. Thomas A. Rickert
Hon. John B. Miller
Dr. M. L. Brittain
Mr. Sam A. Lewisohn
2. The principal office of said corporation shall be in the City of Washington, District of
Columbia, but the corporation shall have power and authority to establish such other offices
or agencies as it may deem necessary or appropriate.
3. The said corporation shall have power to determine in what manner and to what extent
industrial operations shall be carried on in the several penal and correctional institutions of
the United States and shall, so far as practicable, so diversify prison industrial operations
that no single private industry shall be forced to bear an undue burden of competition with
the products of the prison workshops. It shall also have power to do all things it is autho-
rized to do by the said Act of June 23, 1934, and all things incident to or necessary or proper
in the exercise of its functions.
4. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 4 of the said Act, the Secretary of the Treasury is
directed to transfer to a fund to be known as “the Prison Industries Fund” all balances
standing to the credit of the Prison Industries Working Capital Fund on the books of the
Treasury and the corporation is authorized to employ the aforesaid fund and any earnings
that may hereafter accrue to the corporation, as operating capital.
5. The Attorney General is directed to transfer to the corporation hereby created all personal
property, assets, accounts receivable, and equipment of any and every kind now under the
jurisdiction of the Industrial Division of the Bureau of Prisons of the Department of Justice.
6. The corporation shall assume all valid claims and obligations now payable out of the
Prison Industries Working Capital Fund.
7. Said corporation shall have power to sue and be sued.
8. Any vacancies occurring in the membership of the Board of Directors shall be filled by
the President of the United States.
9. The heads of the several executive departments, independent establishments and Govern-
ment owned and Government controlled corporations shall cooperate with the corporation in
carrying out its duties and shall purchase, at not to exceed current market prices, the prod-
ucts or services of said industries, to the extent required or permitted by law.
10. All powers and duties vested in the Attorney General and not specifically transferred to
the corporation by said Act of June 23, 1934, or by this Executive Order and assumed by
said corporation, shall remain vested in the Attorney General or his duly qualified representatives as heretofore.
The White House, (No. 6917)
December 11, 1934

Define Gang

I’m just so tired of this:Predators roaming the neighborhood in their identifying colors and accouterments. Armed with oversized weapons. Sweeping the streets for unarmed victims. Targeting those they most despise. Shooting them whether they’re innocent or not. Thumbing their noses at the criminal-justice system when they’re caught. Walking away scot-free. Repeat.Yes, it’s time to do something about cops in this country.They’ve become a scourge. A stain on our culture. A national disgrace. How can we expect to press foreign leaders to improve their human-rights records when our society flaunts the very definition on a daily basis?The only solution to this worsening crisis is to use the same tactics against them that they use against us. I have no illusions that any of these seven ideas will work, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

via Book Publishing Announcement!.

The Effects of Unlawful Restraint of Global Blacks

I’m just so tired of this:

Predators roaming the neighborhood in their identifying colors and accouterments. Armed with oversized weapons. Sweeping the streets for unarmed victims. Targeting those they most despise. Shooting them whether they’re innocent or not. Thumbing their noses at the criminal-justice system when they’re caught. Walking away scot-free. Repeat.

Yes, it’s time to do something about cops in this country.

They’ve become a scourge. A stain on our culture. A national disgrace. How can we expect to press foreign leaders to improve their human-rights records when our society flaunts the very definition on a daily basis?

The only solution to this worsening crisis is to use the same tactics against them that they use against us?

KOCH GAS Chemicals

KOCH GAS Chemicals

What's in the chemical war weapon? KOCH #BOYCOTTCOKE to find out

What’s in the chemical war weapon? KOCH #BOYCOTTCOKE to find out

Did this guy just say that the kids got the money given to the schools. Nice teachers huh. That’s a lie! The children of detroit parents pay the highest property taxes  in the nation though. Enter the FOP and Unlawful Restraint The ability to go where you please, when you please, is one of the most widely cherished liberties in modern society, and one that forms the basis for what most people think of when they think of the word “freedom.” The idea of being confined without being able to freely go where you choose is so troubling that it forms the basis of one of the most serious penalties the law can impose: incarceration in a jail or prison. The crime of unlawful restraint occurs whenever someone illegally deprives others of their physical freedom. These parents now work for free. KOCH prison Industry cost middle class jobs that used to pay. Now that labor is free. No one pays taxes in Detroit from prison. https://ustaxpayerswill.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/freddie-gray-unlawful-detention/ the massive black prison/torture/murder program in which a minimum of approximately 40% of the captives were completely innocent and kidnapped. This is a perfect example of how Chicanery and BUsh2 with the help of a treasonous Congress trashed the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus which has basically morphed America into an Israeli run Terror State. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04/29/why-are-american-police-murdering-so-many-unarmed-civilians-and-getting-away-with-it/


TiredOfPaying? No-Hitting;No Name-Calling

Ferguson receive 1/4 one-quarter of its revenue from court fees; for some surrounding towns it approaches 50 %
Krav Maga
is the official self defense used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli Police and Security Services training for Global Cobs

Keep cutting 5% per year until Congress reforms the tax code. I won’t be happy until:
DEA is defunded and War on Drugs ends. Legalize and Tax.
Private Prison industry is Nationalized and half of it closed down.
Capital Gains taxed at normal wages rates.
Foreign Aid ends. Close foreign bases. Cut Milltary by half.
Tax US companies on out-of-country profits. 100% tax penalty on off-shored jobs salary.Washington better get used to cuts. I have and there is nothing left to cut in my personal life. Hey, I know! I’ll start tours of MY home! Donald, you willing to pay to see what it looks like to be pushed out of the Middle Class? March 11, 2013 02:04 pm at 2:04 pm |

2013-Tax receipts-and-outlays_0

@larrygr3 I think you’ve answered your own question. It IS a lot of BAD COPS, and their union doesn’t give a damn that they’ve got a lot of BAD COPS in their ranks. Baltimore PD union is run by THUGS. You thought the people you saw in the streets were thugs?!?

Cop looters prison industry Cops


Corp Prison Industry Ferguson, John D. Missouri  CCA

Prison Industry Cost Middle Class JOBS Corp Prison Industry Ferguson, John D. Missouri CCA

18 year old voters pack a punch

18 year old voters pack a punch

(formerly the Biloxi City Jail) currently run by Director Warden. A fire in 1982 killed 27 inmates. There is currently a lawsuit against them, which has forced them to reduce their inmate population. They must now maintain an 8:1 inmate to staff ratio.

Orphan “Black Code” Harrison County Juvenile Detention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi is operated by Mississippi Security Services

WHAT Can Baltimore, Ferguson, Sudan  Africa Tell you about LandGrabs/School to slave labor

MD OPD Baltimore City Youthful Defendant UnitMD OPD Baltimore City Youthful Defendant Unit

Proffer Prince Baltimore DDLDEFENSEFund Name Calling

The Youthful Defendant Unit (YDU) is a group of attorneys, social workers, and staff from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender who represent children charged as adults in Baltimore City.

city-police-district-map- Baltimore bike-lane-mapinlbrhcblog-postUrban renewal baltimore community-statistical-areas-466x402

Re-Building communities: separation or sustainability

A Path Race, Class, Power, and Organizing in East Baltimore

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry:

These connections are glaring, the less obvious ones go by the names of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and other members of the “million shares club”—companies that own more than one million shares of CCA and GEO Group,

5. Funding University Research

One very good way to sway public opinion, as we all know, is to have a very official-sounding study with an academic at the helm that confirms your political agenda. This is exactly what private prisons do, bankrolling university research to generate greater profits for their booming industry.

Abbott made higher education research initiatives – Prison Industry one of his five emergency items in the legislative session that ended this week, a goal that won praise from faculty and leadership at the University of Texas System.

18-24 voters rock it!


 18-24 voters rock it! Remember no Hitting;No Name-Calling

Institutions of higher education have now become a part of what sociologist Victor Rios has called the “youth control complex”—a tightly bundled network of institutions that work insidiously and in harmony to criminalize young people of color. Here are five ways that universities buy into private prison companies. 

“We live in the most incarcerated county in the world, there are more black men under correctional control today than there were under slavery in 1850.” Legend stated.

1. Investing In Private Prisons 

The clearest link between havens of higher education and private prisons, are direct investments of a university’s endowment in CCA and GEO Group.




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Prison Industry Cost JOBS

Free Labor Corp Prison Industry Cost Middle- Class JOBS



Dirty Water and Prison Profits that’s  how we roll.


Living off prison Industry and Dirty water Profits

Prison Industry sayings Quotes crime Copsangola_prison_line

Darren wilson's testimony that Mike Brown had his hands up.

Darren wilson’s testimony that Mike Brown had his hands up.

In Florida, a water-pollution warning that glows at night


private-prisons cost mid cls jobs


Property ofLouisiana California Bobby Jindal Gov J Brown


Bobby Jindal water and Prison Industry

Prison Industry 2

Symposium: Equitable and Sustainable Development

World Water Conditions Google It!

World Water Conditions Google It!