If we ignore the obvious we’re inviting history to repeat itself.2016 USA Election


Trump Election Complaint To Intervene – Colorado Electors Lawsuit

Should this Court conclude (despite decades of legal and historical precedent to the contrary) that it is unconstitutional for Colorado to bind its presidential electors, similar statutes in other states where the President-elect won may also be in jeopardy. The President-elect and his Campaign therefore have a direct, substantial, and legally protectable interest in preventing the invalidation of Colorado’s law requiring presidential electors to honor both their prior commitment and the voters’ will. Read More

religion-and-government“Trump won the election because 62 million Americans live in a state of virtual reality. They no longer know what facts are.

The culture of fear: In an age of lies, the fiction writer is king http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/the-culture-of-fear-in-an-age-of-lies-the-fiction-writer-is-king-a7462796.html

Vanity Fair: Trump Kept a Volume of Hitler’s Speeches By His Bedside http://tws.io/2gA7D1l via @WeeklyStandard

“An Authoritarian;”

Hitler Parallels Abound


Hitler made a number of promises to the German people. Key among these promises were:

  • He promised to solve all of Germany’s economic problems.
  • He promised to restore law and order;
  • He assured the people that only he could provide them with strong leadership skills, something they had been missing for a long time,
  • Finally, he swore that if voted into power, Hitler would “Make Germany Great Again.”


“Authoritarians often exaggerate their popular support to increase the perception of their legitimacy,” he said. “But the deeper objective is to weaken the democratic institutions that limit their power. Eroding confidence in voting, elections and representative bodies gives them a freer hand to wield more power.”



Trump is a dangerous, divisive demagogue, the worst in our nation’s history and the second worst in modern times. May we find the strength to protect America from his corrosive influence.

Friedrich Trump, Donald’s grandfather on his father Fred’s side, was kicked out of Germany in 1905 for failing to complete mandatory service, according to a royal decree unearthed by a historian and submitted to German newspaper Bild.


Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK

Ike and the family Trump had a run-in back in the ’50s that was anything but nice.

The conflict involved Donald Trump’s father, Fred, who built an enormous real estate empire on a foundation that included state and federal loan subsidies. Fred had used Federal Housing Administration intended to help build affordable housing for military vets and others. When Ike heard of the profiteering practiced by many of the builders, he suspected a scandal and ordered an investigation. The probe was led by William McKenna, a lawyer and expert in housing, finance, and organized crime.

McKenna discovered a pattern of abuse in the housing program, with builders lavishing gifts—TVs, watches, appliances—on bureaucrats charged with determining who got access to the government money. The most glaring problems were in a federal office in New York run by a veteran political fixer named Clyde L. Powell.

Eisenhower truly loved the fighting men he’d led to victory in World War II. When he learned of the manipulations practiced by developers to increase their profits he called them “sons of bitches.” After his investigation McKenna reported that Trump ranked near the top among builders who shared in excess payments approved by the FHA officials who were almost certainly on the take. His findings led to Senate hearings directed by Homer Capehart, a senator from Indiana, and Connecticut’s Prescott Bush, whose grandson Jeb was then 1 years old.

Fred’s ability to return fire when he was criticized was almost as good as his son’s would prove to be decades later.