What’s New in the World of Hemp?

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Much has been going on lately, both in my world and in the world of hemp!

Let’s start with my world. My book transcript is finished, now I am editor shopping and working on a book cover, as well as a cover for a spoken word CD I will be creating to go with the book…and one other creative project I may add to the package! Exciting times!!

There has been so much news about hemp lately, I almost don’t know where to start!

It is exciting to see daily, weekly, and monthly progress in education and legalization of hemp. Having said that, below, in outline style, is a run-down of what is happening nationally:

1) The call for hemp homes is getting stronger! Hemp Industries Association is offering a 3-day hands on course for building homes from hemcrete. Hemcrete is strong, versatile, and a high performance alternative to…

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The Marihuana Tax Act Of 1937 ~ Anslinger, Oil, the Birth of Synthetics, and the Death of Hemp Farming

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Congress signed The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 in August of that same year. The Marihuana Tax Act, however, was not strictly created to prohibit marihuana.

It was in the 1930s that Rockefeller (Standard Oil), DuPont, Dow, Hearst, and others were realizing huge profits from their investments and monopolies on oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and timber. They also realized that industrial hemp was an enormous threat to their investments. Industrial hemp was an excellent source of food oil, fuel, medicine, paper, and textiles.

Below are excerpts from transcripts from Henry Anslinger (head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and nephew of Andrew Mellon, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury) at a meeting of the Ways and Means Committee. These statements were made, and also used as propaganda by Hearst (who had owned timber and paper mills) in order to influence members to pass the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.


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National Average Price of Gas – $4 a Gallon (and rising), Are You Hungry for Hemp Fuel Yet?

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Our nation is now seeing average gas prices at $4 per gallon. And with the spring and summer travel season coming upon us, it is sure to rise. $5/gallon gas? Looks like it may be a reality. Unfortunately, with the economy still not back on its feet yet, this is, for many, going to be more than just a little pinch in the pocketbook.

There are several factors that cause higher gas prices. (And they are not necessarily what most of us think they are.)

First of all, oil costs are rising. And why are they rising?

1. Iran. ~ The turbulent times in Iran are part of the reason why gas prices are moving upward. Iran exports over 2 million barrels of oil per day.  Iran lies near the Straight of Hormuz, a major traffic area for shipping oil. With Iranian instability, the fear of attacks or sanctions have…

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African Pearl Divers

Many pearl divers had been kidnapped from Africa as boys and forced to dive to bottom of the sea for pearls. Although the Renaissance witnessed a slight revival in swimming, sources indicate that most whites remained reluctant to swim,making them less adept than many blacks.

African Per Divers Black Slaves

Melchisédec !evé- explained

Enslaved Swimmers and Divers in the Atlantic World



“it is most certain that the Indians, and the Negroes,excel all others in these Arts of Swimming and Diving.It is to them the Ladies are obliged for their Ornaments of Pearl;
they are the Divers who fish for them;they are also very useful for recovering Anchors and Merchandizes that have been cast away.”16
Slaves’ expertise in underwater diving, moreover, was one of the first African
skills that New World slaveholders exploited, in the process generating consid-
erable profit. At the turn of the seventeenth century Pieter de Marees explained
that Venezuelan slaveholders sought Gold Coast Africans to employ as pearl
divers, noting:
[t]hey are very fast swimmers and can keep themselves un-
derwater for a long time. They can dive amazingly far, no
less deep, and can see underwater. Because they are so good
at swimming and diving, they are specially kept for that pur-
pose in many Countries and employed in this capacity where
there is a need for them, such as the Island of St. Margaret in
the West Indies, where Pearls are found and brought up from
the bottom by Diver.

“30 Amazing Health Benefits of Marigold Flowers”

My marigold

Marigold plant


try california poppy -an old sink

Poppies in an old sink

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Cone Flower Echinacea Tincture Recipe

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Winnie Mandela: “How should we deal with collaborators and traitors?”

The Truth: South Africa’s “Regeneration” Through Fiery Chaos Winnie Mandela: “How should we deal with collaborators and traitors?” Nelson Mandela: “We should cut off their noses!” Winnie Mandela: “No, I have a better idea: we should throw tires filled with gasoline around their necks, light them on fire, and burn them alive.” Nelson Mandela: “That’s a good idea!”