The Effects of Unlawful Restraint of Global Blacks

I’m just so tired of this:

Predators roaming the neighborhood in their identifying colors and accouterments. Armed with oversized weapons. Sweeping the streets for unarmed victims. Targeting those they most despise. Shooting them whether they’re innocent or not. Thumbing their noses at the criminal-justice system when they’re caught. Walking away scot-free. Repeat.

Yes, it’s time to do something about cops in this country.

They’ve become a scourge. A stain on our culture. A national disgrace. How can we expect to press foreign leaders to improve their human-rights records when our society flaunts the very definition on a daily basis?

The only solution to this worsening crisis is to use the same tactics against them that they use against us?

KOCH GAS Chemicals

KOCH GAS Chemicals

What's in the chemical war weapon? KOCH #BOYCOTTCOKE to find out

What’s in the chemical war weapon? KOCH #BOYCOTTCOKE to find out

Did this guy just say that the kids got the money given to the schools. Nice teachers huh. That’s a lie! The children of detroit parents pay the highest property taxes  in the nation though. Enter the FOP and Unlawful Restraint The ability to go where you please, when you please, is one of the most widely cherished liberties in modern society, and one that forms the basis for what most people think of when they think of the word “freedom.” The idea of being confined without being able to freely go where you choose is so troubling that it forms the basis of one of the most serious penalties the law can impose: incarceration in a jail or prison. The crime of unlawful restraint occurs whenever someone illegally deprives others of their physical freedom. These parents now work for free. KOCH prison Industry cost middle class jobs that used to pay. Now that labor is free. No one pays taxes in Detroit from prison. the massive black prison/torture/murder program in which a minimum of approximately 40% of the captives were completely innocent and kidnapped. This is a perfect example of how Chicanery and BUsh2 with the help of a treasonous Congress trashed the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus which has basically morphed America into an Israeli run Terror State.



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