coNZervative Incredibly Racist Anti-Obama Images

negate Overt tea party Racism on  #ObamaCare #UniteBlue

The right wing Republicans in collaboration with the Tea Party strongly oppose the  Affordable Care Act(Obama Care), and are obsessed with nullifying the entire gains of health care reform, to that end they have forced a shutdown of the Federal Government. The right wing’s reaction to health care reform is reminiscent of their reaction to civil rights gains, in which they have systematically introduced legislation which have over the years neutralized or rendered the gains of the Civil Rights Bill ineffective. Disturbingly, the people who are most and disproportionately impacted are people of color.
Aired on October 01 , 2013

#FOXNEWS #Palin #teaparty #Racist #Terrorism on #ObamaCare  #UniteBlue

 Thank you Mr President  For Everything ; And For ObamaCare and especially for knowing who you are


Incredibly Racist Anti-Obama Images

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Race 2012, a PBS Election 2012 special, is a look at race and politics that documents the changing face of America, and how that change may affect the country’s political future.

“The Affordable Care Act was signed in March of 2010, it was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago, the president was re-elected and we will implement the law. This is the law; it’s not a debate any longer, it’s not a discussion.”