Kid’s Outdoor Math Fun

No Time For Flash Cards

Sorting, shapes, patterning and of course counting are all activities that develop strong math skills. We are all aware of the importance of success in math throughout formal schooling years . Starting through play parents can help lay a positive foundation of something that so many of us struggle with later on. Here are some fun activities that can help create a love of numbers, order , shapes and patterns before they can decide they hate math!

Do you know how to estimate the height of a tree? Here is a fun way to do it. You may need a measuring tape, depend on the size of the trees you want to estimate, but you don’t have to, since you can just measure by “foot”. You’ll find MORE Outdoor Math Link Here

Here’s a junior high school way to measure a tree and to keep ahead of the pack on this video. LOVE MATH!


14 Outside Games To Burn Off Steam. This number run game lets your kids burn off energy while learning their numbers too! Turn it into a race for even more fun!

measure a tree by its shadow


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