VETERANS HEALTH CARE includes Food Educating people about markets and ways of producing. Public investment in HealthCare can do things that private investment can’t Included in Farm and Jobs Bill

House Passes Republican Farm Bill Without Food Stamp AidThe Obama administration has threatened to veto the farm measure that excludes food stamp and nutrition programs.

  1. Do you believe that Veterans should be given an opportunity to feed self and others and an opportunity to create jobs in farming?
  2. Do you think that the president should veto a bill that creates hunger in America without creating a jobs bill first?
  3. Do you believe that the jobs being transferred to the ALEC Prison Industry negatively effects middle class jobs


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Smallholder farmers actually produced most of the world’s food and they are also some of the people that sometimes go hungry,” explained ActionAid’s senior policy analyst Doug Hertzler. “There are studies over many decades that show smallholder farmers can actually produce more food per land area than large farms when they have adequate access to resources and input.” there are dedicated people who see great opportunities in agriculture today and want to start their own farm or ranch businesses.

Military Veterans:  the Next Generation of

Organic Farmers 

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act will invest in the next generation of American producers by:

  • Enabling access to land, credit, and technical assistance for new producers.
  • Assisting new producers to launch and strengthen new farm and value-added businesses.
  • Helping new producers become good land stewards.
  • Providing training, mentoring, and research that beginning farmers and ranchers need to be successful.
  • Conducting outreach on agricultural job opportunities for military veterans.


Title I – Conservation

Sections 101, 102 & 131 — Conservation Reserve Program Transition Incentive Program (CRP-TIP) – Amend Sections 1231 and 1235 of the Food Security Act to reauthorize CRP-TIP through 2018 and provide $50 million in mandatory funding over the life of the new farm bill. Additionally, include provisions to strengthen the conservation language, create a comprehensive conservation plan option, create an easement option through the Grassland Reserve Program or the Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program, and allow transition between family members who meet the eligibility criteria but only in the case of land sales to the younger generation.   Will help retiring farmers make their land available for the next generation of farmers to afford.