Weed ’em and reap. ~Author unknown

What is a weed?  I have heard it said that there are sixty definitions.  For me, a weed is a plant out of place.  ~Donald Culross Peattie

native peoples practiced sustainable harvesting and sowing that involved controlled burns as part of their land management.  CRcwbXsUYAA05kO

WHY USE NATIVE PLANTS hemp Poppy cone flower

I learn more about God
From weeds than from roses;
Resilience springing
Through the smallest chink of hope
In the absolute of concrete….
~Phillip Pulfrey, “Weeds,”

hemp car

But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else.  In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit.  Weeds are people’s idea, not nature’s.  ~Author Unknown

M.O.A.B – Mother of all buds ®


studies show, THC good for sick kids too

Water Melon Seeds:

Most slave were doctors, they knew the benefits of the Watermelons, known affectionately as “August hams,”


A weed is but an unloved flower.  ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

3watermelon seed tea


Crabgrass Was King | Eat The Weeds and other things, too

While we try to get rid of crabgrass in America in parts of Africa crabgrass (fonio) is a staple grain, and as forage it can produce a whopping 17 tons per acre.

Crabgrass can grow on bowling balls in airless rooms, and there is no known way to kill it that does not involve nuclear weapons.  ~Dave Barrycrabgrass1

We can in fact only define a weed, mutatis mutandis, in terms of the well-known definition of dirt – as matter out of place.  What we call a weed is in fact merely a plant growing where we do not want it.  ~E.J. Salisbury, The Living Garden, 1935

Soil Vs. Dirt: What is the difference?

Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You

Training the Immune System

“What a child is doing when he puts things in his mouth is allowing his immune response to explore his environment,” Mary Ruebush, a microbiology and immunology instructor, wrote in her new book, “Why Dirt Is Good” (Kaplan). “Not only does this allow for ‘practice’ of immune responses, which will be necessary for protection, but it also plays a critical role in teaching the immature immune response what is best ignored.”

Soil contains microorganisms, decaying organic matter, earthworms and other insects.  Soil is a living environment.  The earthworms and insects aerate the soil and add to the organic matter of the soil through their waste and when their bodies decay.


Dirt is basically dead soil.  It does not contain any of the above.  You can add organic matter (compost) to dirt to revitalize it.  The organic matter will provide food for beneficial microorganisms so that the ecological system can start to regenerate.

“If a healthy soil is full of death, it is also full of life:  worms, fungi, microorganisms of all kinds …  Given only the health of the soil, nothing that dies is dead for very long.”
–  Wendell Berry,  The Unsettling of America, 1977


“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”
–  James Oppenheim


“If I wanted to have a happy garden, I must ally myself with my soil; study and help it to the utmost, untiringly. Always, the soil must come first.”
–  Marion Cran, If I Where Beginning Again

100 Things You Can Compost

The following list is meant to get you thinking about your compost possibilities. Imagine how much trash we could prevent from going into the landfills if each of us just decided to compost a few more things!

From the Kitchen

  1. Fruit and vegetable scraps
  2. Egg shells (crushed)
  3. Coffee grounds
  4. Coffee filters
  5. Tea bags (Make sure they are made of natural materials like hemp or cotton, and not rayon or other synthetics. If in doubt, just open it and compost the tea leaves alone.)


  • Decayed leaves create what is called leaf mulch. The structure we used to know as a leaf breaks down into a loose lace-like texture that eventually decomposes quickly into the soil. Leaf mulch in bare soil will be pulled down into the soil by earthworms: it is their favorite food!


Excerpt From: The Healing Grace of California Poppy

Below is my final assignment for Angie Goodloe’s Herbalist 101 course.  Be warned, it’s lengthy!  But there’s a surprise at the end.  If you have any interest in herbalism, I highly recommend Angie’s course.  It’s full of information, provides plenty of opportunity for you to get intimate with herbs and make those medicines.  And  Angie provides plenty of feedback and encouragement in her responses to the assignments. Fun stuff!

Also, Angie is currently offering the course at an absurdly low price ($35!).  I assure you, the course is worth far, far more than that!
California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
Alternate names: Copa de ora, Dormidera (the Drowsy One, since this ‘sun-worshipping flower’ closes its blooms at night)
Family: Papaveraceae
Patterns of the Poppy family are showy flowers with 2-3 sepals that shed early, petals in multiples of four, lots of stamens.  They often have milky sap in their stems.  Many plants in this family contain narcotic alkaloids.  Narcotics depress the central nervous system, sedating and offering relief from the feeling of pain (analgesic). [I’m noting Family characteristics in anticipation of work I’m doing with the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.  Currently in that program I’m journaling Plants, which will soon include detailing all the native plant families of my area.]
With that “Family background” in mind, let’s explore this beautiful herb …
The state flower of California, California Poppy is aptly chosen for this honor.    For countless generations the native peoples of California carefully cultivated this plant–as they did with many others–for food and medicine in monocropped expanses on hillside and in valleys.  European settlers thought they had arrived in untouched wilderness.  Not so.  The native peoples practiced sustainable harvesting and sowing that involved controlled burns as part of their land management.
It is said that north of Pasadena early Spanish sailors guided by a golden hillside in spring — a hillside shining with the bright orange-gold of the California Poppy.  It is also said that this was one reason they dubbed this coast “the Land of Fire” (the other reason being that there were indeed fires a-plenty due to lightning strikes as well as due to the dry, arid summers).
The Yuki tribe used it for toothaches, it was food for the Sierra Miwoks, the Ohlone used it for sleep, the Wintu used it to heal newborn baby belly buttons
The Nisenan ate the leaves either boiled or roasted with hot stones and then laid in water.  The Pomo mashed the seedpod or a decoction of it on a nursing mother’s breast to dry up her milk.  And the plant was given to babies as a sedative and placed under the bed for better sleep.  Other tribes rubbed a decoction of the flowers into the hair to kill lice.  The root juice was taken to relieve stomachaches and tuberculosis, and as a wash for weeping sores.

The plant itself: is a perennial or annual (further north) to 2 ft. tall with mostly basal with bluish-green lacelike leaves.  When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, the plant was an annual.  Here in my backyard in the San Francisco Bay Area, the plant is definitely a perennial.  The plant in these photographs is one that has been thriving since our arrival here last June.
The flowers sit atop a flattened rim on long stalks.  The flowers are of four shiny petals bright orange to yellow in color, sepals fused into cap, and falling off when it flowers.  Many stamens.  The fruit is long and slender, containing many black seeds.   It’s so satisfying to collect the seeds!   Just pluck off the dried pods and pop them into an envelope.  The plant flowers from February through November.
The plant is found in grasslands, hillsides, and open areas, in well-drained and poor soil, from Southern California up through Washington.
In terms of modern-day herbalism California Poppy has these characteristics.
Taste: Bitter
Energy: Cool
Organs affected: Liver, Heart
Actions (according to Lesley Tierra): calm the Spirit (I most definitely agree!)
Properties: Sedative, analgesic, anti-diarrheal, antitussove. diaphoretic, antispasmodic
Indications: anxiety, nervous tension, agitation, neuralgia, pain relief (including acute), nervousness, sciatica, herbes, shingles, heart palpitations, insomnia
Dose: rounded teaspoon of chopped plant as tea, drink 1-3 times daily; fresh plant tincture: 20-60 drops 1-4 times daily.  For sleep problems, take 20-40 drops one hour before sleep, then again right before bedtime.  For bedwetting in children over 5 years old, use with horsetail, 10 drops of each twice/day.
A mild sedative and analgesic, this plant is suitable even for children, though may cause a mild ‘hangover’ headache the next morning if used in excessive quantities.   Lesley Tierra writes: “California poppy wonderfully sedates, calms and relaxes the nervous system, treating symptoms of anxiety, nervous tension and agitation.  As well, it repairs nerves and alleviates nerve pain, especially from sciatica, herpes and shingles.  It is also used for heart palpitations and insomnia due to nervousness.
Contraindications: large amounts used sometimes cause nausia. Better not to use it during pregnancy.
Collecting: Gather the whole above ground plant and dry it.  Or tincture the whole fresh plant.  When I tinctured California Poppy in the past, I used the whole plant, including
Coca leaf is  rich in beneficial antioxidants, including ones that help to protect the integrity of blood vessels.coca leaf, which is used as a flavoring ingredient in Coca-Cola.

Nutrition Benefits of the Coca Leaf

The coca leaf has been found to be a valuable dietary supplement. Several studies analyzed the nutrition characteristics of the coca leaf. Two notable ones include, a 2009 study published in the Food & Nutrition Bulletin (Can coca leaves contribute to improving the nutritional status of the Andean population?, Penny, Zavaleta, et al.) and a1975 Harvard study (Nutritional Value of Coca Leaf, Duke, Aulick, Plowman). They found that per 100g the leaves contained:

  • Carbohydrates (44.3 g)
  • Protein (19.9 g)
  • Fat (3.3 g)
  • Fiber (14.2 g)
  • Vitamin A (10,000 – 14,000 IU)
  • Vitamin B1 (0.58 – 0.68 mg)
  • Vitamin B2 (1.73 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (0.58 mg)
  • Vitamin C (1.4 – 53 mg)
  • Vitamin D (trace amounts)
  • Vitamin E (16.72 mg)
  • Calcium (990.18 – 1749 mg)
  • Copper (1.1 mg)
  • Iron (26.8 – 45.8 mg)
  • Magnesium (197 – 225 mg)
  • Phosphorus (637 mg)
  • Zinc (2.63 – 3.8 mg)
.coca plant
Erythroxylum Novogranatense{Cocaine} seeds

Erythroxylum Novogranatense{Cocaine} seeds

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Erythroxylum Coca

Erythroxylum Coca

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ERYTHROXYLUM Coca 1.5 year old plant

ERYTHROXYLUM Coca 1.5 year old plant

Plant 1.5 years oldl Ready to bear seeds. Well rooted and healthy foliage. 4 branches stem 4 cmdffffffff 60 cm with pot 80 cm
Erythroxylum coca 5 pack coca seeds bolivian

Erythroxylum coca 5 pack coca seeds bolivian

Erythroxylum coca 5 pack coca seeds
Erythroxylum coca rooted plant

Erythroxylum coca rooted plant

1 year old rooted Erythroxylum coca plant

the Incas domesticated this plant, tells the story of the Inca army made an extract of the leaf and chewing (to a bolus of leaves in the buccal mucosa) and extracted the juice from the leaf to mitigate the cold, hunger and fatigue, so the coca leaf was a vital element in the survival Inca

Birch Koch DUCK Trump Bundy Dynasty ALEC IDF TeaParty

#OhLord- The Ferguson Effect $5 per month X 30 million people =150 million per month + interest per month

#BlackVote Matters 

African-American Population – Infoplease

http://www.infoplease.com › … › Race & Ethnicity › Population/Demographics

By 1990, the African-American population reached about 30 million and represented 12% of the population, roughly the same proportion as in 1900.   



Area Percent of
black population
Percent of
total population
United States                      100.0% 12.7%
 Northeast                     18.1 12.2
 Midwest                         18.1% 10.2%
South 55.3 19.8
 West 8.6 4.8


In 2012,

blacks for the first time voted at a higher rate, 

66.2 percent, than did whites, with a rate of

64.1 percent,

or Asians or Hispanics, with rates of about 48 percent each.

GOP Using Sixty $60 million to court black voters, and a new initiative aims to recruit

300 women and

200 minorities to run for state and local office.

Gold's Gym is facing a backlash from LGBT activists over its CEO's $2 million donation to American Crossroads, the conservative political group affiliated with former Bush adviser Karl Rove, and its four franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area are now leaving the brand over the controversy.

Gold’s Gym is facing a backlash from LGBT activists over its CEO’s $2 million donation to American Crossroads, the conservative political group affiliated with former Bush adviser Karl Rove, and its four franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area are now leaving the brand over the controversy.

Cops Bought Dylann Roof Burger King Hours After Charleston Shooting

Bullying Dominican Republic Free Labor Haitian Hamitic

Mason-Dixon Line Prison Industry Preferred young males 15-25

Hemp Holds Highest Hopes for Helping Haiti Rebuild Economy and Environment As Haiti rebuilds its rural areas, value-added agriculture must play the central role.  There is a great need for sustainable and socially acceptable agricultural systems.  The foundation could include a the most versatile and useful crops known to humanity – namely industrial hemp and closely related  medical marijuana.  Compared to any alternative, these will provide much higher value per acre, while rebuilding the land and rural economy.

Land grabbing is the contentious issue of large-scale land acquisitions: the buying or leasing of large pieces of land in developing countries, by domestic and transnational companies, governments, and individuals.

Efforts at such expulsion have been made in Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina,

and all have failed, just because the black man as a freeman is a useful member of society. To drive him away, and thus deprive the South of his labor, would be as absurd and monstrous as for a man to cut off his right arm, the better to enable himself to work.


  • Many Africans resisted the slave trade, but some participated.
  • Rulers of Asante, Dahomey, Oyo, and Benin played an active role in the Transatlantic Trade
  • Europeans needed permission to build trading posts
  • In return they paid high prices to African leaders
    • Firearms, rum, textiles, etc.
  • Other reasons African Rulers became involved in trading their own people.
  • Wanted control of trade routes
  • Greed and willingness to exploit neighbours
  • Defend themselves
  • To do this they needed weapons. To get weapons they needed to raid neighbours to get captives.
  • Families were torn apart
  • Communities wiped out
  • Entire nations destroyed.

The Captives

  • The main captives came from West Africa.
  • Captured:
    • They would fight to get free.
      • Many died
      • Survivors were chained and marched to the coast
    • Some journey’s lasted weeks, other months.
    • Trading took place on the travel
    • Less than half survived to the trading posts.
  • Imprisoned:
    • Most were held in dungeons of European trading factories.
    • They waited weeks or months to be placed on ships.
    • At the factory captives would be inspected.
    • 5% would die during the stay.
    • Preferred young males 15-25
    • Females and males between 8-15 or 25-35 went for lower prices.

The French

  • The French joined the trade in Africans to exploit their resources in the Caribbean.
  • They needed workers so they took over the Dutch trading posts on the West African Coast
  • Between 1540-1800’s

    • Ships delivered 1.6 million enslaved Africans to Martinique, St. Christopher, Guadeloupe, and Saint Dominque (Haiti)

New France

  • (now Quebec)
  • 1st Enslaved African was a young boy- Oliver LeJeune.
  • Arrived in 1628 and became the servant to Father Paul LeJeune
  • Eventually they too needed more workers.
  • Government officials and wealthy merchants had domestic servants
  • 1759- 1132 enslaved Africans were living in New France
  • When Britain gained control they agreed that enslaved Africans would be under British rule.


  • They needed slaves to work on their plantations in South America & in the Caribbean. In the 16th century, Charles I issued the 1st Asiento, a license to import slaves into Spanish Colonies. This gave Spain a monopoly on the slave trade.
  • Spain did not have it’s own trading posts.
  • They sold asientos to foreign merchants and financers.
  • The winning bidders had the rights to sell Africans into slavery through the Spanish Empire.
  • As a result the enslaved Africans were being defined in terms of their labor potential. For the first time Africans were being valued in terms of their worth by means of a peca de India.
  • Although the definition changed overtime, all individuals who passed inspection between the ages of 15 and 25 were worth one peca de India each.
  • 1492- Christopher Columbus claimed the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, now Haiti and Dominican Republic, for Spain.

  • This was disastrous for the indigenous people that lived there.
  • He exploited the local Tainos people. They tried to resist but they could not because of the fire arms.
  • Most of the population was slaughtered.
  • By early 1500’s violence and European disease wiped out the Tainos.
  • This repeated in all other areas where the Spainish looked for gold and silver.
  • Spaniards needed workers for mining and soon turned to Africans


SAN PEDRO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – FEBRUARY 29: A Haitian child plays on a batey on February 29, 2012 in San Pedro, Dominican Republic. A batey is the name given to communities that reside inside of sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic that are comprised mainly of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent. Living and working conditions inside the bateyes are often extremely impoverished, with limited access to health care, no running water or sanitary facilities and a lack of electricity. For decades Haitians have been fleeing the turmoil of their country to come and work as seasonal workers in the sugar cane industry in the Dominican Republic, with many staying on permanently in the country. It is estimated that somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Haitians are currently living Dominican Republic. Due to a climate of discrimination based on ethnic origins and a fear of a Haitian influx, the Dominican government has adopted policies that make it difficult to impossible for many Haitians to live a normal life in the country. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The first Jewish settlement

In 1492, the first Jew to ever set foot in Haiti was Luis de Torres, an interpreter for Christopher Columbus. After Haiti was taken over and colonized by the French in 1633, many Dutch Jews (whom many were Marrano) emigrated from Brazil in 1634 and became employees of the French sugar plantations and further developed the trade. In 1683, the Jews were expelled from Haiti and all of the other French colonies, due to the Code Noir (Black Code), which not only restricted the activities of free Negroes, but forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism (it included a provision that all slaves must be baptized and instructed in the Roman Catholic religion), and in turn ordered all the Jews out of France’s colonies. However, despite the Black Code, a limited number of Jews remained in French trading companies as leading officials, including foreign citizens (Dutch, Danish, or English) or holders of special residence permits (lettres patentes). These Jews specialized in agricultural plantations. Portuguese Jews from Bordeaux and Bayonne settled mainly in the southern part of Haiti (Jacmel, Jérémie, Léogâne, Les Cayes, Petit-Goâve, and Port-au-Prince) and Jews from Curaçao settled in the northern part (Cap-Haitien, and Saint Louis).[2][3]

The Dominican Republic’s French Dutch Jews Brazil a anti-Hamitic Negus a Tortured Relationship With Its Haitian Hamitic nationals

The Dominican Republic’s Tortured Relationship With Its Haitian Minority

Here’s Why Hemp Should be Your New Favorite Plant http://www.care2.com/greenliving/heres-why-hemp-should-be-your-new-favorite-plant.html

Definition of Nation of Islam (NOI):US ADL COPS Policing vs. NOI assisted-Black Self-policing

Obama: ‘We are not at war with Islam’

@POTUS OBAMA;ADL Philadelphia Chief Ramsey; Baltimore Mayor

@POTUS OBAMA; ADL Representative Philadelphia/DC Chief Ramsey;

ADL Prison Industry PLO NOI Anti defamation Proffer Dreamers Dream Defenders DDLDF LegalDefenseFund

$5 per month X 30 million people =150 million per month + interest per month.

Vote with your wallet …Forbes Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so you can fund causes you support and avoid funding those you disagree with.


Self-Policing Black Lives Matter-Self-Policing Proffer http://tinyurl.com/ofluuv7


Complains against activity of no concern to ADL

What they don’t want is an organized black community, and they do not want leaders that organize young black men,” NOI

Definition N.O.I.

Nation of Islam Syllabification: Na·tion of Is·lam NOI

Definition of Nation of Islam (NOI):

A proffer self-policing, founded in Detroit circa 1930. It was led from 1934 by Elijah Muhammad (1897–1975) and came to prominence under the influence of Malcolm X. Its current leader is Louis Farrakhan.

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It is OK to Help your brother. Donald Sterling: “That’s one problem I have. Jews when they get successful they will help their people 

Definition of Nation of Islam N.O.I. (NOI) in:


  • Mosque Maryam
    Mosque in Chicago, Illinois
  • Mosque Maryam is a large mosque in Chicago, Illinois, United States and the headquarters of the Nation of Islam. It is located at 7351 South Stony Island Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood. Wikipedia
  • Address: 7351 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60649

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Control US Slave trade

In comparison to the N.O.I.

Page Source: MSANEWS, msanews-ed@msanews.mynet.net

ADL Issues Hate Crimes Cards to Police Source: The Los Angeles Times, http://www.latimes.com, October 17th 2000

Now Here’s A Chance To Raise The Hate Crimes Card By PATT MORRISON

Coming soon to a police cruiser near you: the hate crimes card. The Anti-Defamation League has drafted a nifty laminated card–bigger than the Miranda model, but just the right size to slip into a field notebook or clip to the visor of a patrol car–to help officers handle hate crimes. Several hundred were given to the badge-and-uniform set at a hate crime conference in Sacramento recently, and by month’s end, cards will be in the mail to law enforcement in all 50 states. The card was field-tested in California by the Los Angeles school police and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, which had something to say about everything from the card size to the typeface.   It bears 11 strategies (“Allow victim to use own words. Use interpreter, if necessary.”) and seven factors to watch, like telltale signs of a hate crime, and whether the crime took place on an ethnic or political red-letter day–like Cinco de Mayo, or Hitler’s birthday.

Al Akhbar

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which describes itself as a civil rights organization, has been in the forefront of an ongoing attempt to label legitimate American-Arab and American-Muslim charitable, political, and informational organizations as fronts for terrorism.

This attempt is part of a long-standing ADL policy of discrediting any individual or organization opposed to Israel or supportive of Palestinian rights. The ADL’s strong political loyalty to Israel as well as its acknowledged ties to Israel’s external intelligence agency in addition to its past practices of spreading disinformation and intimidating those who have spoken out against Israeli policies should however serve as a warning about the ADL and the nature of its claims. When the ADL was founded in 1913 it defined its mission as opposing the defamation of the Jewish people.

Over the years, the organization won respect for its active support of civil rights and its opposition to segregation and white supremacist groups.

However after the founding of the State of Israel and the 1967 Middle East War, the ADL significantly altered the way it defined its mission.

In a 1974 ADL publication entitled “The New Anti-Semitism,” then-ADL National Director Benjamin Epstein argued that any “criticism of Israel reflects insensitivity to American Jews and constitutes a form of anti-Semitism.”

This change in the way it defined its mission meant that the ADL would no longer be engaged in merely civil rights work but would rather take on a very strong political stance in defense of Israel.

The main goal of the ADL became to counteract any criticism of Israel and to promote Israel’s interests regardless of other considerations.

Throughout the 1970′s and 1980′s, for example, the ADL was in the forefront of an effort to keep documents underscoring Israel’s sinking of an American naval ship confidential.

Such efforts cannot be understood in the context of the ADL’s former civil rights agenda.

Similarly, in November, 1994, ADL’s Executive Director Abraham Foxman personally appealed to

President Bill Clinton to commute the prison sentence of Jonathan Pollard, an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy who sold what the New York Times described as “suitcases full of military intelligence” to Israel. Foxman’s appeal to President Clinton can only be understood in light of the ADL’s new mission of promoting Israeli interests.

The fact that the ADL has become a pro-Israel interest group is, of course, not in itself problematic.

The entire United States political system is based on the freedom of interest groups to compete with others in promoting their often conflicting agendas.

However the ADL has overstepped the bounds of legitimacy on a number of levels.

The organization has engaged in illegal domestic spying activities, has worked with foreign intelligence agencies to undermine the rights and endanger the lives of American citizens, has undertaken disinformation campaigns slandering and intimidating numerous academicians, politicians, journalists, church officials, and Arab-Americans to wit:


Anthony BATTS feed/spread rumors to media “high school kids were going to converge”

  • Anti‑Defamation League

    Nov 21, 2014 – The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (NBPP) is the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist Black militant group in America.

  • [PDF]New Black Panther Party for Self Defense – Anti-Defamation …

  • Anti‑Defamation League

    Nov 21, 2014 – The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (NBPP) is the largest organized … group “espouse[s] flies directly in the face of the Black Panthers’ …. It also accuses ADL and AIPAC of attempting to censor criticism of Israel and …

  • New Black Panther Party – Anti-Defamation League

  • Anti‑Defamation League

    The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (not related to the original Black Panther Party) is the most extreme organized racist and anti-Semitic …

  • new black panther party » ADL Blogs

  • Anti‑Defamation League

    May 7, 2015 – Malik Zulu Shabazz, the racist and anti-Semitic former leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), who has taken credit for organizing …

  • New Black Panther Party – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPP) is a U.S.-based black …. by the Anti-Defamation League suggest that the group is much smaller but is …

ADL’s transgressions were most notably exposed in January 1993 when San Francisco newspapers broke the story of ADL’s extensive domestic spying network. The San Francisco Police Department discovered that under the cover of fighting anti-Semitism, the ADL had gathered and sold to intelligence agents of the Israeli and South African governments information on thousands of American individuals and groups.

In addition to nearly all Arab American organizations, those whom the ADL targeted included

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ron Dellums,

former Congressman Pete McCloskey,

Los Angeles Times correspondent Scott Kraft,

the board of directors of public television station

KQED, the Rainbow Coalition,

a number of labor unions,


as well as numerous other journalists, professors, members of Congress, and activists who the ADL suspected had “anti-Israel” leanings.

The information which the San Francisco police department confiscated from the ADL offices included illegally obtained confidential police material. The manner by which the ADL obtained such information as well as the fact that they sold it to foreign governments are both felonies.

The ADL’s ties to the Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence agency, had been known even before the scandal broke out in 1993.

During the court proceedings concerning a 1970 lawsuit against the ADL, an internal letter was disclosed in which ADL’s Epstein bragged about the close intelligence relations between the ADL and Israel.

Furthermore, in his 1988 autobiography, ADL general counsel Arnold Forster describedthe close connections between the ADL and the Mossad. The Mossad connection is especially disturbing because of the Israeli intelligence agency’s long record of engaging in political assassinations of opponents of Israel throughout the world.

Like the Mossad, the ADL has not been content with just gathering information on those who have spoken out against Israel or in favor of Palestinian rights.

The ADL has also actively engaged in discrediting them through disinformation campaigns which are aimed at both distorting the records and intimidating those opposed to Israel. While in the 1970′s and 1980′s, the ADL often falsely labeled such individuals as being connected to the PLO or in the pay of Arab Gulf states, since the 1990′s, the ADL has begun labeling them as being connected to Islamic terrorist organizations.

The ADL’s allegations, while couched in a matter-of-fact style, nearly always falls far short of providing any real evidence. However such allegations have had far-reaching effects. After the ADL accused seven Palestinians and a Kenyan woman in California with ties to a PLO terrorist group, for example, the eight individuals were arrested and deportation proceedings were begun.

When it was later discovered that no real evidence existed against the eight individuals except for the fact that they had distributed anti-Israeli magazines, the media sharply criticized the government.

One of its first salvos in the disinformation war was its 1975 report entitled “Target U.S.A.: The Arab Propaganda Offensive,” in which the ADL distorted the images of nearly all mainstream Arab-American groups.

The ADL followed up that report with its most controversial book of all:

Pro-Arab Propaganda: Vehicles and Voices, an enemies list of 31 organizations and 34 individuals which was published in 1983 and was largely aimed at countering opposition to Israel from University professors and student organizations.

The publication intentionally takes statements of those on the list out of context, accuses them of Anti-Semitism, and falsely accuses a number of academic scholars of being part of a PLO support network or of having been paid by Gulf Arab countries.

The report calls upon Jewish leaders in Universities throughout the country to boycott and intimidate those appearing on the list.

Those who appeared on the list later found themselves ostracized by the academic community with some losing their jobs or denied promotions.

S.C. Whittaker, the former chairman of the Political Science Department at Rutgers University admitted, for example, that political reasons, rather than academic ones, prevented Dr. Eqbal Ahmad from obtaining a regular teaching appointment after his name appeared on the ADL list.

Dr. Noam Chomsky, who also appeared on the list, says that since the book was published, protesters have appeared at every one of his speaking engagements and have distributed distorted ADL reports containing fabricated quotes that he was alleged to have made in an attempt to intimidate him and his listeners.

On Nov. 30, 1984, the Middle East Studies Association passed a resolution protesting the “creation, storage, or dissemination of blacklists,enemy lists” or surveys that call for boycotting individuals or intimidating scholars.

Similar intimidation campaigns have been waged by the ADL against reporters and journalists who have criticized Israel.

Throughout the 1980′s, the ADL also accused liberal church officials, church groups, and religious organizations which called for peace and justice for all in the Middle East as being connected to the PLO.

The Reverend Don Wagner and the Presbyterian Church had especially been accused by the ADL of having connections to the PLO, though no evidence was ever presented backing up such contentions. On the other hand, after a 1994 report on the religious right, the ADL was accused by religious conservatives of going after people for their political views and of taking numero us quotes of religious leaders out of context.

Also on May 25, 1994, the ADL’s Jerusalem office released a sensationalist story which appeared the next day in the New York Times and other newspapers which alleged that the Vatican had admitted to being responsible for the Holocaust. The Vatican later totally denied the story.

The ADL’s blatant misrepresentation of facts was sharply criticized. The ADL’s credibility has been severely shaken by its long record of disinformation. While the ADL has every right to continue advocating pro-Israel policies, its real agenda should be exposed and it must be made to end the

illegal spying, harassment, and intimidation of political opponents.

More importantly, U.S. law enforcement agencies, the media, and political circles need to see the ADL for what it is: a pro-Israel group more than ready to distort the truth to further the Israeli agenda. While in retrospect, it now seems very clear that the ADL’s wild allegations against alleged PLO support networks in the 1980′s were baseless, it must be remembered that at the time they were seen as credible and led many people to lose their jobs and others to be imprisoned.

The ADL’s current crusade against alleged Islamic terrorist networks is almost identical to its earlier one against so-called ties to the PLO. Both campaigns are based on

general stereotypes and fears and are devoid of evidence and fact.

To repeat such allegations without further investigating them, as some in the media have done, is unprofessional and unethical.To act upon them, as some law-makers and law-enforcement agencies have done, is dangerous and threatens the freedoms and civil liberties Americans have grown to expect.

Cato’s Center for Constitutional Studies was established in1989 to help restore the principles of limited constitutional government that are the foundation of liberty. property owners be protected, via the judicial takings doctrine, against state court decisions that abrogate constitutional rights certain basic principles of property ownership are so fundamental as to be beyond the reach of the state, unless the state is willing to pay the owner for his property. The Constitution and Property: Due Process, Regulatory Takings, and Judicial Takings, 2001

Utah L. Rev. 379, 434-36 (2001).

[W]hen state courts are understood to wield the power not only to declare the law, but also to make it, the Lucas rule’s background- principles exception invites state courts to reshuffle property rights in ways that state legislatures cannot, potentially allowing the state to avoid paying compensation for takings of property.

False imprisonment is a restraint of a person in a bounded area without justification or consent. “#Baltimore police trained by Israel Mossad & Shin Bet. More planned.”

Also found in: Acronyms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Anti-Defamation League

ADL issues hate crimes cards to police

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an agency of B’nai B’rith, an international Jewish service organization. The ADL combats anti-Semitism, religious and racial intolerance, and all forms of organized discrimination based on stereotypical beliefs. The ADL also is a strong advocate of the state of Israel, Lobbying Congress in support of legislation that benefits the Jewish State. It has its headquarters in New York City and has regional and satellite offices throughout the United States. The ADL also has offices in Jerusalem and Vienna.

The ADL first gained recognition by taking steps to eradicate negative stereotypes of Jews in print and their stereotyping on stage and in film. By the early 1920s, objectionable references to Jews in the national press had virtually disappeared. However, popular culture was filled with negative stereotypes of Jews. The rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s was based as much on anti-Semitism as racial intolerance. The ADL responded by circulating pamphlets that challenged hatred of Jews and demanded apologies from prominent citizens, such as automobile manufacturer Henry Ford, for endorsing anti-Semitic views.

The High Cost of Using War Criminals to Train U.S. Police …

Nov 22, 2011 – The ADL stated that the U.S. police were brought across… to learn how …. The word ‘terrorist’ is misused and has lost all meaning and the …

case study – nation of islam and new black panther party


Jul 10, 2013 – What specific ideological tenets do the Nation of Islam and the New … Security Agency, Inc.: A Model for Public Housing Crime Prevention?

Policing Communities of Color

Black Lives Matter-Self-Policing Proffer

One of its first salvos in the disinformation war was its 1975 report entitled “Target U.S.A.: The Arab Propaganda Offensive,” in which the ADL distorted the images of nearly all mainstream Arab-American groups. The ADL followed up that report with its most controversial book of all: Pro-Arab Propaganda: Vehicles and Voices, an enemies list of 31 organizations and 34 individuals which was published in 1983 and was largely aimed at countering opposition to Israel from University professors and student organizations. The publication intentionally takes statements of those on the list out of context, accuses them of Anti-‘Semitism’, and falsely accuses a number of academic scholars of being part of a PLO support network or of having been paid by Gulf Arab countries. The report calls upon Jewish leaders in Universities throughout the country to boycott and intimidate those appearing on the list

Lessons of Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

Apartheid: the Tyranny of Racism Made Law At Home EveryDay

Beach near Cape Town. There has been much talk recently about desegregating racially segregated public facilities. The reality defies the rhetoric. 01 January 1982CapeTown, South Africa

1.  Lesson “It always seems impossible, Until it is done”  http://www.esl-library.com/pdf/Free/mandela-ESL-Library.pdf

2.  Explore the life of Nelson Mandela and the differences between biography and autobiography with these materials for English and Literacy.  http://www.oxfam.org.uk/education/resources/nelson-mandela

The lessons develop critical reading skills, invite shared discussion, and provide the opportunity for pupils to develop their own writing skills.

They also provide ideas for discussing the difference between explicit and implicit points of view, and the differences between first and third person narration.

Nelson Mandela wanted the people in South Africa to be free from apartheid.  He  hated that black South Africans lived in poverty and could not vote in elections. While many others felt that ending apartheid was an impossible challenge, Nelson Mandela did not give up. Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison. When he was finally released, he helped turn the impossibility of ending apartheid into a reality.

3.Lesson Plan Activity & Task

Tell students that the South African government responded to every attempt to oppose the system of apartheid with increased repression and violence, therefore resistance movements decided to take up arms in the struggle. Students should individually identify a national, state or local problem that they could try to change.

White racism and attempts to assassinate Mandela and Zuma are all explained in my book, from Bob Crew Author of “Mandela: His Life and Legacy for South Africa and The World.” The hardcover version is listed on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Mandela-Legacy-South-Africa-World/dp/1629143375/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0 and on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19520182-mandela?from_search=true. Also on kindle and in the African bookshops.

Who Needs Food Stamps when you have land, Brains, Teamwork and a Plan

18 L.A. County Sheriff’s Gang Banging deputies Caught in the Headlights Of FBI arrested relieved of duty without pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

food stamp

plural noun: food stamps
  1. 1.
    a voucher issued by the government to those on low income, exchangeable for food.

    The ultimate face off – Men working with lions and animals getting meat from lion’s kill.

BOKOR UBUNTU in the hemp community

Bokor in Somali, a term referring to binding the people together. All people deserve to worship a God who also worships them. A God that made them…

Qur’an and Islamic traditions

Though not mentioned by name, the Qur’an has a story with similarities to the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, though set in the Egypt of Moses. In Suras 28:38 and 40:36-37, Pharaoh asks Haman to build him a stone, or clay tower so that he can mount up to heaven and confront the God of Moses.
Proffer dream defenders NOI Dreamers

Proffer dream defenders NOI Dreamers

The pressing issue remains food and security.”

There is a case for challenging borders that were drawn up by European imperialists and which continue to inhibit travel and trade. Blood Diamonds are often produced through the forced labor of men, women and children. Scholars have recently discovered in the Schoyen Collection the oldest known representation of the Etemenanki.[12] Carved on a black stone, The Tower of Babel Stele (as it is known) dates from 604-562 BC, the time of Nebuchadnezzar II.[13]IRAQ



clans have a traditional means of compensating for lives lost in interclan disputes, thereby discouraging violence and encouraging peaceful settlement. The clan responsible for the death pays the victim’s clan a fine, called dia, traditionally a set number of camels or other livestock. A certain percentage of the dia—called jiffo —is paid by the immediate relatives of the one responsible for the death to the immediate family of the deceased. Dia is also paid, in a lesser amount, for other crimes, such as rape, adultery, and theft. Dia-paying groups are formed by agreement among closely related clan members. Enforcement of dia customs falls to the elders and the clan council. If a matter cannot be settled peacefully, fighting breaks out between clans, followed by another peace council.

In 1994 a group of Somali women educated in Western countries returned to their homeland to help Somali women who were striving to rebuild the economy by starting their own businesses. The group, called the Somali Women’s Trust, also helped establish girls’ schools and women’s health centers, and helped reestablish refugees in Somalia. Another Somali women’s group, Candlelight, provides similar services.


Mohamed Siad Barre, also spelled Maxamed Siyaad Barre outlawed clan loyalties opposite survival BOKOR UBUNTU Somalia

Gender Roles and Statuses
Division of Labor by Gender. In traditional Samaal clans, men and older boys do the important work of tending camels and cattle, the most valuable animals. Girls and young boys tend sheep and goats. Gov inciting clan SomaliaSomali men are considered warriors ( waranle ), except for those few who choose the religious life. Adult men are also expected to serve on their clan-family council. Urban men may work as businessmen, blacksmiths, craftsmen, fishermen, or factory workers.

Women in nomadic clans are responsible for caring for children, cooking, and moving the family aqal. Women and girls in farming clans are responsible for planting and harvesting crops, caring for children, and cooking. Urban women may hold jobs in shops or offices or may run their own business.

With many Somali men killed during the civil war or lost to diseases such as tuberculosis, women have learned to fend for themselves. They have shown remarkable adaptability and a talent for business. The United Nations and other international organizations launched campaigns in the late 1990s to help Somali women and girls get better health care, an education, and job skills training. Somali natives who have been educated abroad are returning to help with these endeavors. Several programs have been started to promote nomadic women’s enterprises, such as the collecting of henna leaves for grinding into natural cosmetics. Women in urban areas sell wares in the streets or marketplaces or run their own shops.

Weddings are joyous occasions, but the couple often signs an agreement giving the bride a certain amount of property should the couple divorce, which is common in Somalia. The husband holds the property in trust for her. Tradition calls for the wife to relinquish her right to the property if she initiates the divorce.

Domestic Unit.

The Somali domestic unit consists of a man, his wife or wives, and their children. Elderly or unmarried relatives may live with the family. In homes with more than one wife, each wife usually lives with her children in her own house, and the husband and father divides his time among them. In the case of a divorce, children usually remain with their mother. The male is considered the head of the household, except where it is headed by a divorced or widowed woman.


Inheritance passes from father to son in Somali families. A wife remains a part of her father’s lineage, while her children belong to her husband’s lineage. Many Somalis believe that their ancestor from Old Testament times was Noah’s son Ham.

Somali men trace their membership in a particular clan-family through their patrilineage, going back a dozen or more generations. Clan groups with the longest ancestry have the most prestige. Clans and subclans are associated with the territory they occupy for most of the year. Socialization

Child Rearing and Education.

Somali children are raised with much love but are also disciplined and taught to work from age five or six, with little time for play. In spite of numerous hardships, Somali children are known for their sense of joy and abundant laughter. Children are taught independence and self-reliance and to carefully observe the world around them.

A lack of trained teachers, materials, and schools, however, made secondary-school classes inadequate

After seizing power on Oct. 22, 1969, Siad made himself head of a Supreme Revolutionary Council and imposed autocratic rule through a personality cult and the harsh enforcement of an official ideology called “Scientific Socialism.” He strengthened relations with the Soviet Union, officially outlawed clan loyalties (while using clan elders to establish order in rural areas), and promoted literacy with a newly introduced Roman alphabet. He later renounced his ties with the Soviets and sought U.S. aid, but allegations of human rights abuses hurt his international standing. By 1990 fighting among clans and between clan militias and the government forced Siad to promise reforms, including free elections. He was forced out of office in January 1991 and in 1992 went into exile in Nigeria.

Mohamed Siad Barre, also spelled Maxamed Siyaad Barre  outlawed clan loyalties

Blood and Crip stratagem

stratagem |ˈstratədʒəm|
a plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end: a series of devious stratagems.
• [ mass noun ] archaic skill in devising plans or schemes; cunning.

Ethnic Somalis make up about 95 percent of the population. The remainder are Indians, Pakistanis, other Asians, Arabs, Europeans, and groups of mixed ancestry.

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You are right that we have the will, strength & vision of the people to solve this problem. Love is a powerful force.Consider using fast growing, nutritious, delicious hemp food to solve the food crisis in Somalia. When the problem is hunger the solution is supply food. Greenhouse growing is up to 20 times more efficient than open field farming so we have opportunities to heal not available in the past. When the problem is war, the solution is the peace pipe.Hemp foods have successfully been used in China and other cultures to deal with hunger. Hemp flour, oils, leaves, building materials, etc. could transform the availability of food quickly. Water from the ocean can be processed by hydro energy from the coast line.What I and thousands of others in the hemp community are recommending is an international Hemp For Victory program, coordinated through the UN, to feed, house, clothe, build and replace our problems with victories. Since computers are the keys out of Babylon, we can speak the same language with this powerful translator, we can use the web to coordinate food from fields to folks.It is time for us to stop being fools before the Lord, wasting souls to lack of wisdom. One child dead of hunger is a hundred too many. Demand fast growing, nutritious, non-toxic, delicious hemp food (yes it’s economically viable with or without THC) for all the hungry people of the world.

hollowed out by the right wing legislature.

A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”― Martin Luther King Jr.,


“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. A person is a person because he recognizes others as persons.

For goodness sake, will they hear, will white people hear what we are trying to say? Please, all we are asking you to do is to recognize that we are humans, too. As quoted in The New York Times (3 January 1985)

When a pile of cups is tottering on the edge of the table and you warn that they will crash to the ground, in South Africa you are blamed when that happens.

I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.Today, NBC TV (9 January 1985)

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.Address at his enthronement as Anglican archbishop of Cape Town (7 September 1986)

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.As quoted in Ending Poverty As We Know It : Guaranteeing a Right to a Job at a Living Wage (2003) by William P. Quigley, p. 8

When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land.As quoted in Desmond Tutu: A Biography (2004)

  • Children are a wonderful gift. They have an extraordinary capacity to see into the heart of things and to expose sham and humbug for what they are.As quoted in “The Words of Desmond Tutu” (1984)
  • Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
  • My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.

CANADA, Mayor ROB FORD, Toronto,

Perhaps it would be easier if the police and the mayor would handle the business in their own neighbourhoods (Patrol their own).

SOLUTION: The African community could be responsible for educating their own children. • Children are a wonderful gift. PROBLEM: They have an extraordinary capacity to see into the heart of things and to expose sham and humbug for what they are.

BOKOR  UBUNTU in the hemp community