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Personal Bio Dar’shun Kendrick was born in Atlanta, GA (Birthplace of Martin Luther King) and raised in South DeKalb County. Both her parents, Ricky and Daisy Kendrick, are life-long DeKalb County residents and have been married over twenty-eight (28) years.

Rep. Kendrick  attended DeKalb County public schools and graduated from Towers High School (Decatur, GA) in 2000 at the top of her class. She is the owner of her own law firm, Kendrick Law Practice, that caters to small business owners all over Georgia. She has been a Member of Divine Faith Ministries International, located in Jonesboro, Georgia, for over eighteen (18) years. She received her undergraduate degree at Oglethorpe University (Atlanta, GA), her law degree from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) and her Master’s in Business Administration from Kennesaw State (Kennesaw, GA).

Rep. Kendrick currently serves on the Judiciary (Non-Civil), Juvenile Justice, Special Rules and as the Ranking Democrat on the Small Business Development and Job Creation Committee.

Additionally I am Secretary of the DeKalb House Delegation, Vice Chair of the Working Families Caucus, and a Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, otherwise known by the acronym ALEC, is a non-profit 501(c) organization charitable legislative organization established in 1975. The legislative members are state legislators. It is a forum to allow the members to write model laws and discuss legislative language with other members. ALEC meetings are an opportunity for the corporate and non-profit leaders to meet and provide feedback to legislators. Member legislators can then use these model bills as a template for their own.

ALEC actively tries to keep its membership, activities and communications confidential.[1] This list includes members whose identity primarily has become known through internal documents leaked to CommonCause (@CommonCause). Tweeting truth to power. http: //www.commoncause.org. Washington, DC.and research by members of the press. This list may not be complete.

Georgia Alec Members:

List of members of the American Legislative Exchange Council

Don Balfour R, Georgia Senate[68]

Charlice Byrd R, Georgia House of Representatives[53]

David Casas R, Georgia House of Representatives[10]

Josh Clark R, Georgia House of Representatives[22]

Doug Collins R, Georgia House of Representatives[24]

Kevin Cooke R, Georgia House of Representatives[27]

Sharon Cooper R, Georgia House of Representatives[53]

Bill Cowsert R, Georgia Senate[69]

Phil Gingrey R, U.S. House of Representatives[52]

Johnny Grant R, Georgia Senator[27]

Tom Graves R, U.S. House of Representatives[52]

Mark Hamilton R, Georgia House of Representatives[27]

William Harmick R, Georgia Senate[24]

Calvin Hill, Jr. R, Georgia House of Representatives[5]

Bob Horne R, Georgia House of Representatives[27]

Jack Kingston R, U.S. House of Representatives[52]

John Linder R, U.S. House of Representatives[53]

Edward Lindsey R, Georgia House of Representatives[24]

Barry Loudermilk R, Georgia House of Representatives[21]

John Lunsford R, Georgia House of Representatives[21]

Billy Maddox R, Georgia House of Representatives[59]

Charles Martin R, Georgia House of Representatives[22]

James Mills R, Georgia House of Representatives[53]

Jack Murphy R, Georgia Senate[27]

Jay Neal R, Georgia House of Representatives[69]

Chip Pearson R, formerly Georgia House of Representatives[54]

Tom Price R, U.S. RepresentativeChairman, House Republican Policy Committee[70]

Tom Rice R, Georgia House of Representatives[27][53]

Chip Rogers R, Senate Majority Leader Georgia State Senate[5]

Austin Scott R, U.S. House of Representatives[52]

Mitch Seabaugh R, resigned from Georgia Senate to become Deputy State Treasurer[21]

Donna Sheldon R, Georgia House of Representatives[53]

Jesse Stone R, Georgia Senate[24]

Renee Unterman R, Georgia Senate[53]

Lynn Westmoreland R, U.S. House of Representatives[52]