The assassination continues to bewilder the men. Young has only returned to Memphis once since the shooting. “One of the disturbing features about that day for us was that when we were pointing, we were pointing over across the street. There was a building there, but there was also a six-to-eight-foot pile of bushes and some people thought that the shot came from the bushes. The FBI said it came from a bathroom window. But when we got up the next morning, those bushes were gone.”

Koch brothers slam Harry Belafonte’s Ku Klux Klan remark

Walks like a duck Quacks like a Duck  No One Knows the KKK Better Than Harry Belafonte, NOT EVEN THE KKK

YOUNG Andrew Pendergraft is playing in the sprawling grounds of his family’s country home.
Like any other active ten-year-old, he loves running through the fields and splashing about in the river.
But later he will appear on internet TV and – clearly reading from a script – he will solemnly share his bigoted views on the supremacy of the white race with potentially thousands of other children online.
Andrew may be only ten but he is the face of youth within America’s Ku Klux Klan, the most infamous hate organisation in the world. BELOW:

  1.      The Great Divide: Poverty in America Is Mainstream

Put simply, poverty is a mainstream event experienced by a majority of Americans. For most of us, the question is not whether we will experience poverty, but when.

  1.    Under Health Care Act, Millions Eligible for Free Policies

Millions of people could qualify for federal subsidies that will pay the entire monthly cost of some health care plans being offered in the online marketplaces set up under President Obama’s health care law.

The Racial Integrity Act[1]” and SB 281, “An ACT to provide for the sexual sterilization of inmates of State institutions in certain cases“, henceforth referred to as “The Sterilization Act“.

an organization hiding in plain sight, yet one of the most influential and powerful in American politics… They were smart and understood something very important: that they might more easily get what they wanted from state capitals than from Washington, DC. So they started putting their money in places like Raleigh, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; and Madison, Wisconsin.”[43]

On March 20, 1924 the Virginia General Assembly passed two laws that had arisen out of contemporary concerns about eugenics andrace: SB 219, entitled


#UNITEBLUE Color of Change[edit]

On December 8, 2011, the advocacy group Color of Change announced a call to boycott ALEC corporate members for their alleged support of voter ID laws.[54] On April 4, 2012, after the Trayvon Martin shooting, Color of Change changed the boycott to focus on The Coca-Cola Company for its support of ALEC and by implication, their involvement in Stand your Ground.[55] Within hours, Coca-Cola announced it was ending its relationship with ALEC in apparent response to the threatened boycott. Over the subsequent two weeks approximately a dozen corporations or foundations including the restaurant chain Wendy’s, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the medical insurance group Blue Cross and Blue Shield had dropped support of ALEC.[56][57][58][59][60][61][62] ALEC responded with a “Statement by ALEC on the Coordinated Intimidation Campaign Against Its Members”.[63] By May 31, the list of corporations that had withdrawn support included Apple, Procter & Gamble and Wal-mart.[64] NOT COMCAST ALEC MEMBER  The president arrived at the Vineyard Golf Club at 10:55 am. His partners were Jim Kim, president of the World Bank, former US trade representative Ron Kirk, and Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast. No Chappy residents were on hand to press Mr. Roberts for cable and Internet service. About an hour later, the first couple left Chilmark and traveled to the West Tisbury home of Mr. Roberts. He and his wife Aileen hosted the Obamas for cocktails, before the President and First Lady returned to State Road Restaurant, another Island favorite of theirs.

On April 17, 2012, ALEC announced that it was disbanding its Public Safety and Elections Task Force, which provided model policies for voter ID requirements and “stand your ground” gun laws.[65] On April 18, the National Center for Public Policy Research announced the creation of a voter ID task force to replace the one discontinued by ALEC.[66][67] The Martin shooting and subsequent boycott was described as a catalyst for ALEC to shift focus from social issues to economic ones.[68][69]

Assertions about ALEC’s origin and funding[edit]

In 2012, Walter Mondale, former Democratic Vice President of the United States, and Arne Carlson, former Republican governor of Minnesota, referred in an op-ed piece to the political activities of the Koch family and ALEC, saying:

“[ALEC] is the creation of the Koch brothers who amassed their fortunes in oil and who live in Florida. The goal of ALEC is to influence legislators across the nation.”[70]

Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal ’70s Drug Laws

The deal would repeal many of the mandatory minimum prison sentences now in place for lower-level drug felons.

March 26, 2009NYREGIONNEWS

Letting Judges Have a Say in Sentencing

In a debate over the Rockefeller drug laws, judges and prosecutors are wrestling to determine who will control access to alternative treatment programs for nonviolent offenders.

March 25, 2009NYREGIONNEWS

Albany Takes Step to Repeal ’70s-Era Drug Laws
Albany Takes Step to Repeal ’70s-Era Drug Laws

The New York State Assembly approved legislation to repeal laws that have required judges to impose mandatory prison terms for many nonviolent drug offenses.


Rockefeller Drug Laws Navigator

A list of resources from around the Web about the Rockefeller drug laws as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times.