‘BABY DADDY’ S Employed by #PRISONINDUSTRY #NRA #SAYNOMORE We Won’t Go! Sequestrate To Free 1.3 million Blacks From Prison

The PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (the PIC) Americans Want Congress Members To Pee In Cups To Prove They’re Not On Drugs.

All these absurd Police State laws are a complete anathema to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and everything American Founding Fathers stood for and accomplished.

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Hemp Protein

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Hemp Sustainability

And like Noriega when he realized he was being set up for disposal, Saddam stopped going out in public and only used body doubles.

And who needs Obama Care, Birth Control, No baby Daddy or Abortion:  Maybe we should call the Bishop, Now I’m Confused. The daddy was already in jail, they didn’t have to take him anywhere. They criminalise everything. Her landlord threw her out for having too many kids. Don’t know if that is legal. The state could find better things to do with the money they are using to keep fathers incarcerated. Father’s work in prison and should pay childcare, also. “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40.

Now Business is booming for private prison operators . This is where your baby daddy is working at, for FREE–But just until (or if)  he gets released.   Then he, (your baby daddy) will no longer qualify because the prison Industry will put a record/jacket on him, so he won’t be able to use his worked -for- free, job experience.

Meanwhile, he (your baby daddy),  is doing the job that was once available to the middle-class; (That is, before Ronald Reagan‘s Iran-contra affair of  Working with Columbian Drug cartels to 
illegally ship drugs (crack-cocaine) and guns into your neighbourhood, in the United States of America, for all of us to consume, use, and to sell, without adequate information that was needed to warn your baby daddy or the 99%  of the dangers that would effect our livelihoods for generations to come both mentally and physically.

Ronald Reagan has gone down in U.S. history, as being responsible to the American people and your baby daddy, for his secret arrangement in the 1980s to provide funds to the Nicaraguan contra rebel fight against the democratic government imposed on them by the Sandinistas, from profits gained by  your baby daddy selling crack cocaine, coupled with a three strikes law, (that they can’t wait to give to him).

All  this, a strategic move, towards  a *We the people”,  long-term goal of gaining /getting something for nothing entitlements, allegedly due  the one percent , “BY birthright”,  via an elimination of democracy. 

But Reagan’s anti-democratic endeavors — backed by the enormous resources of the CIA — were intended to be classified {hidden} deep inside the dark recesses of CIA vaults; intentionally never being discussed in history classrooms or it could never be perpetrated.

Here they are your new baby daddy’s employers: So where’s the child Support?  In the mail?

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# NRA # Boeing

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Lockheed Martin

# General Dynamics

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# Wells Fargo Bank (Detroit prison cash cow)

# McDonnell Douglas

# Boeing 

# F15 fighter aircraft

# General Dynamics

# Lockheed Martins F16s ; # Bell  # Textron Cobra helicopter

# Victoria’s  Secret

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# Dell

# Escod Industries





# NRA  National rifle association


# Alec

NOTE: Market research shows that the largest growth sector for illegal behavior is in corporate management. Prison owners hope to tap into that fertile market by appealing to local municipalities to get white collar criminals into the system early, where they can become lifelong customers.

How the NRA / Ronald Reagan transformed the GOP’s position on gun control