symbolic representations of physical experiences in a five step process that includes:

Experiencing a Physical Event;​​
Drawing a picture, or modeling the event;​
Discussing and writing descriptions of the event in informal, intuitive language (People Talk);
Regimenting or formalizing the language used to describe the event (Feature Talk); and
Developing symbolic representations of the event.

Option is to Educate Youth on

Algebra, NRA, Guns and #Alec;

California Assembly passed a bill that would give juvenile lifers a shot at rehabilitation.



False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation. Geraint Hughes uses the term to refer to those acts carried out by “military or security force personnel, which are then blamed on terrorists.”

“THE TALK” Algebra by 3rd grade

The Algebra Project is a national U.S. mathematics literacy effort aimed at helping low-income students and students of colorsuccessfully achieve mathematical skills that are a prerequisite for a college preparatory mathematics sequence in high school.

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Your Silence to My Injustice, is Injustice: My Today, Your Tomorrow–Bernard Kerik Criticizes ‘Insane’ Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Your Silence to My Injustice, is Injustice: My Today, Your Tomorrow– 

The signing of the Rockefeller drug laws in May 1973 by New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller is considered to be the beginning of the Prison Industrial Complex. The laws established strict mandatory prison sentences for the sale or possession of illegal narcotics.[4] Federal Judge Mark W. Bennett stated that mandatory sentencing destroys families and perpetuates the cycle of poverty and addiction, with no evidence that it works.[5]

NEW YORK TOP COP Bernard Kerik Criticizes ‘Insane’ Mandatory MinimumSentences

Bernard Kerik Prison ReformThe lure of big money is corrupting and corrupt

Eric Schlosser wrote an article published in Atlantic Monthly in December 1998 stating that:
“The ‘prison-industrial complex’ (PIC) is not only a set of interest groups and institutions; it is also a state of mind. The lure of big money is corrupting the nation’s criminal-justice system, replacing notions of safety and public service with a drive for higher profits. The eagerness of elected officials to pass tough-on-crime #ALEC #NRA KOCH legislation – combined with their unwillingness to disclose the external and social costs of these laws – has encouraged all sorts of financial improprieties.”
Schlosser defined the prison industrial complex as “a set of bureaucratic, political, and economic interests that encourage increased spending on imprisonment, regardless of the actual need.”[4]