This bill prohibits health insurers from accepting federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act that trigger the employer mandate. Health insurers accepting subsidies shall have their license to issue new business suspended for all business on exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act.

Model Policy

Section 1. Title. This Act shall be known as the “Health Care Freedom Act.”

Section 2. Definitions.

Health insurance issuer” means {insert appropriate state health insurance issuer definition or state code reference}.

Section 3. Prohibition on Issuers. Enforcement.

(A) A health insurance issuer operating in this state shall not accept any remuneration, credit, or subsidy, as described in 42 U.S.C. 18082.

(B) If a health insurance issuer violates division (A) of this section, the issuer’s license to issue new business in the state on the federal exchange established by the Affordable Care Act shall be suspended immediately and until such time as the issuer represents it has returned that remuneration, credit, or subsidy to its source and will decline any such future remuneration, credit, or subsidy. Such suspensions shall not be construed as impairing the right of contract or the right to continue or renew existing business in the state.

(C) The attorney general shall take such action as is provided in {insert appropriate state law} in the defense or prosecution of rights protected under this chapter.

Section 4. Other Obligations of Attorney General.

The Obama Care is an 
option to what is known to many as the Prison Industry. In actuality it is the 
greatest equalizer since the Black Laws of Virginia‘s restrictions to
 individual rights. Negroes first appeared in Virginia in August 1619, whereby
in contrast to ACA, Laws that curtailed individual rights In 1843, the
legislature curtailed SLAVE and FREE Negus’ rights to dispense medicine. 

“Selling, preparing or
administering medicine became a misdemeanor whose penalty was a public
whipping. Preparation of drugs by free Negroes that caused abortions carried a
penalty of five to ten years in prison. If a slave prepared a drug to cause
abortion, the first time offender received a public whipping. Any offence after
that was a hanging offence. In 1858, free people of colour
could not buy wine or ardent spirits unless they had written permission from
three or more justices that they were sober, orderly and of good character. In
1860, free Negroes could not be ordinary or tavern keepers and were proscribed
from selling hard liquor.” 

When I study this fact, I am, in fact more, reminded
of the effects of the War on Drugs. Absolutely NOT Obama care! ObamaCare
provides access to equality in healthcare for all or to any one
that chooses to be covered, that is, with the elected officials permission
(that’s more like slavery), Obama Care will now cover mental
health, resultantly, there is no longer a need for self-medicating.

When Negus’ first arrived, healthy, they obviously knew a lot about medicine.