What is CIVILITER MORTUUS? Civilly dead ; dead in the view of the law. Blue And Red ACA Compared


What is The Affordable Care Act? in Blue ACA

Obama Care Dental (ACA)
Obama Care Dental (ACA)

and RED

What is The ACA In red -Regulatory Environment: CCA is currently accredited by the American Corrections Association (ACA).

Chris Christie’s Texas horror: Meet the scandalous prison company he’s long promoted

A corporation Christie’s lobbied for and long pushed runs notorious detention center

“Inadequate medical care, poor nutrition, lack of access to legal services, absence of meaningful programming, and a willful neglect of those who are imprisoned there plague the Polk detention center.”

The facility is used by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to house immigrant detainees who are seeking asylum in the United States.

 Noting Christie’s “long and very close relationship with Community Education Centers,” the private company running the facility for ICE, one critic told Salon, “I think it’s time people start asking questions, because this company’s practices are not confined to New Jersey.”

The hunger strike at the detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, now enters its sixth month. Meanwhile, California Governor Jerry Brown is fighting federal court orders to reduce the state’s prison population. And this week, inmates in California state prisons resumed hunger strikes initiated in 2011 by detainees in indefinite solitary confinement — some for over three decades.


Ronald Brockmeyer, the municipal judge in Ferguson, has resigned less than a week after a scathing federal report called his court little more than an ATM for the city. And the Missouri Supreme Court has ordered all Ferguson municipal court cases transferred to Judge Roy L. Richter of the Court of Appeals for the Eastern District of Missouri.

BLUE ACA Obamacare Helps Ex-Convicts. That’s A Good Thing!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), officially called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and sometimes called ObamaCare, is a US law that reforms both the healthcare and health insurance industries in America.


Red ACA Regulatory Environment: CCA is currently accredited by the American Corrections Association (ACA), a private non-governmental organization providing self-created standards. There is currently is no oversight or regulation of the organization beyond its own staff. Eighty-five percent of CCA facilities are accredited by ACA.

Your members of Congress have the power to end this “bed quota” by denying federal funding for the initiative in the FY15 Federal Budget.

You can take a stand in solidarity with detained immigrants at http://afsc.org/action/take-action-end-immigrant-detention-quotas. Please call your members of Congress TODAY and ask them to tell their counterparts on Appropriations Committees to eliminate the bed quota.

Revenue: $1.77 billion, 100% of which comes from taxpayers via government contracts (2012)


Parent Company: Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)


First Tier Subsidiaries:
CCA of Tennessee, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company

CCA TRS, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company
CCA (UK) Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation

Second Tier Subsidiaries:
CCA International, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company

Technical and Business Institute of America, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company
TransCor America, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company
TransCor Puerto Rico, Inc., a Puerto Rico corporation
CCA Health Services, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company
Prison Realty Management, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company
(Source: CCA 10-K, 2/27/2013)

Location(s): Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas


In the American political context African Americans have the greatest legacy because of their crusade for freedom and civil rights. Unlike Anglo-Americans, African Americans were barred from society for no other reason than their skin color, but their fight for freedom forced Americans to define themselves and how to protect their rights in a free society. The American system has been touted by historians such as Gordon Wood as being a radical departure from the British model of government. Barbara Clark Smith argued that the American Revolution was not a radical event because it failed to meet the egalitarian principles set forth by the revolutionary intellectuals. Wood’s response was that the radical nature of the Revolution was not seen until well after the war and subsequent nation building, because those principles led to emancipation and universal suffrage. Smith’s point is important to note because the immediacy created by the concept of “radical” was not met during the Revolutionary period. For the enslaved their lot in life had not changed with Treaty of Paris or the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution, previous to the passage of the 14th Amendment, did not provide a definition of citizenship. It was just assumed that an American citizen was a white male landowner. The reality of this situation was that racial discrimination caused many to turn their backs on egalitarianism for a racially bifurcated society. At this point, African Americans, free and enslaved, had to collectively speak out against this discrimination and remind Anglo-Americans of their egalitarian principles. The greatest legacy of Civil Rights Movement was that it forced America to abide by its altruistic principles. African Americans forced the definition of citizenship and created greater protections for American civil rights.

CCA Announces New $205 Million Investment In Correctional Center In Ariz.
Revenue: $1.77 billion, 100% of which comes from taxpayers via government contracts (2012)


Mitt Romney and Rick Scott both have Medicare fraud in their background

urine sampleFor Rick Scott, that means nearly 170,000 new potential customers for his … sorry, his wife’s … Solantic walk-in clinics.  Scott’s newest scheme, which will help him turn a profit from his $70 million investment in becoming a one-term Florida governor, would be genius if it weren’t so darned evil.

Not surprisingly, the program was brought to a quick halt. Back in October of 2011, a federal judge ruled that the Florida drug testing law was unconstitutional.

Further, in the few months that the program was up and running, it was shown that only 2% of welfare applicants tested positive for drugs. About 9% of the general population reports using drugs in the past month. So much for Governor Rick Scott’s theory that the poor use drugs more often than the rest of the populace.

As it turns out, the program is estimated to have cost Florida over $200,000. From any perspective, this policy can be regarded as a failure.

Last summer, Florida implemented a law requiring all welfare applicants to submit to a mandatory drug test before receiving any benefits (Applicants had to pay the $30 for the test themselves, only to be reimbursed later if they passed. For more information, see this NORML blog post.). Not surprisingly, the program was brought to a quick halt. Back in October of 2011, a federal judge ruled that the Florida drug testing law was unconstitutional.

Further, in the few months that the program was up and running, it was shown that only 2% of welfare applicants tested positive for drugs. About 9% of the general population reports using drugs in the past month. So much for Governor Rick Scott’s theory that the poor use drugs more often than the rest of the populace.

Florida has just under 168,000 state employees, including just over 105,000 in the executive branch. For Rick Scott, that means nearly 170,000 new potential customers for his … sorry, his wife’s … Solantic walk-in clinics.  Scott’s newest scheme, which will help him turn a profit from his $70 million investment in becoming a one-term Florida governor, would be genius if it weren’t so darned evil. Fresh off his plan to drug test welfare recipients in the state, compounding what for many people is an embarrassing experience, having to take public assistance, Scott now plans to visit the same humiliation on state workers. You know, the ones who haven’t had a raise in four years and who are about the have their unions shredded and their pensions hollowed out by the right wing legislature.

Will Scott’s order for drug testing cause pee party revolt?‘Even though Florida Gov Rick Scott ran a company that paid a record fine for committing Medicare fraud’  Irregardless, He wants to drug test honest citizens.

Tea isn’t the only liquid suitable for a revolt.

I mention this because Gov. Rick Scott turns out to have an unusual fascination for the collection of urine.

I guess we should have figured as much. Because between the time his hospital chain got caught looting Medicare and when he became Gov. Voldemort, Scott started Solantic, a company that specializes in workplace drug tests.

And it seems that Scott wasted little time as the state’s chief executive to issue one of his getting-to-be-familiar, pulled-from-down-under executive orders requiring the state’s approximately 105,000 state employees to submit to random drug testing on the job.

Scott made his announcement while congratulating the Florida Legislature for advancing would-be legislation requiring drug testing for people on public assistance, a draconian measure in its own right.

But the symbolism couldn’t be more obvious: Welfare recipients equal public employees.

Legal precedent may close lid on plan

It’s too bad that as a candidate, Scott hadn’t mentioned that his plans for job creation in Florida involved converting public-worker urine into corporate-sector growth. It would have made for a good campaign slogan: “Let’s Pee to Work.”

Scott’s double-barrelled humiliation of the poor and the public-sector employed will probably sit well with his tea party enablers, who only fetishize the parts of the constitution they like.

Showing a picture of the two men locked in a handshake, the ad urges viewers to “connect the dots.

“Scott ran a company that paid a record fine for committing Medicare fraud, then as governor Scott cut millions from health care,” a narrator says. “Romney was director of a company that stole millions from Medicare. Now Romney’s plan would end Medicare as we know it. 

Perry and Dewhurst actually want to go further than Florida. They want to test the unemployed, a slice of the population that tends to be more middle-class than welfare recipients. It’s important to note that in Texas you can’t collect unemployment if you were fired with cause, including because of drug use.

Gov. Rick Scott intends to take his fight for random drug tests of tens of thousands of state employees all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, a lawyer for the Republican governor told a federal judge Thursday.

But Charles Trippe, who was previously Scott’s general counsel and is now in private practice, could not persuade U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro to delay further proceedings in the case while the state appeals. Ungaro said she did not want to become “a political tool” in the controversial issue — and she also said Scott has “probably about zero” chance of winning a Supreme Court case.

A federal appeals court has upheld a district judge’s October 2011 injunction suspending Florida’s law forcing welfare applicants to take drug tests to qualify for aid. The judges didn’t mince their words in rejecting the law:

“The evidence in this record does not suggest that the population of TANF recipients engages in illegal drug use or that they misappropriate government funds for drugs at the expense of their own and their children’s basic subsistence,” the three-judge panel wrote. “The State has presented no evidence that simply because an applicant for TANF benefits is having financial problems, he is also drug addicted or prone to fraudulent and neglectful behavior.”


Children taken away too soon; Many times forever USA #PrisonIndustry.

Another one of the reasons has finally come forth. The U.S. Constitution was created by free white “Preamble People.” This is to say; there is a Declaration that holds theBlack People“and poor/middle class people as “second class” or less citizens.

Vote- or-die- trying


Jews and the slave trade

Caribbean and SurinameJewish-Jacob_Levin_slave_auction_

The New World location where the Jews played the largest role in the slave-trade was in the Caribbean and Suriname, most notably in possessions of Holland, that were serviced by the Dutch West India Company.[40] The slave trade was one of the most important occupations of Jews living in Suriname and the Caribbean.[43] The Jews of Suriname were the largest slave-holders in the region.[44]

The only places where Jews came close to dominating the New World plantation systems were Curaçao and Suriname.[45] Slave auctions in the Dutch colonies were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday.[46] Jewish merchants in the Dutch colonies acted as middlemen, buying slaves from the Dutch West India Company, and reselling them to plantation owners.[47] The majority of buyers at slave auctions in the Brazil and the Dutch colonies were Jews.[48] Jews allegedly played a “major role” in the slave trade in Barbados[46][49] and Jamaica,[46] and Jewish plantation owners in Suriname helped suppress several slave revolts between 1690 to 1722.[44]

Current Version - as introduced 1.1A bill for an act 1.2relating to agriculture; providing for the development and regulation of an  1.3industrial hemp industry; authorizing rulemaking; providing a defense for  1.4possession and cultivation of industrial hemp; modifying the definition of  1.5marijuana;amending Minnesota Statutes 2012, sections 18J.01; 18J.02; 18J.03;  1.618J.04, subdivisions 1, 2, 3, 4; 18J.05, subdivisions 1, 2, 6; 18J.06; 18J.07,  1.7subdivisions 3, 4, 5; 18J.09; 18J.11, subdivision 1, by adding a subdivision;  1.8152.01, subdivision 9; 375.30, subdivision 2; proposing coding for new law  1.9as Minnesota Statutes, chapter 18K. 1.10BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF MINNESOTA:

Industrial hemp industry development and regulation provided, rulemaking authorized, possession and cultivation of industrial hemp defense provided, and marijuana definition modified.

African spanish and mulatto, Mexican

Mia Love Haitian African Spanish and mulatto, Mexican French Hispanic Dominican Republic and Jewish Slave Trade

 African slavery in the South was largely a response to the greater demand for labor on tobacco, rice, and indigo plantations.  At the time the South seceded from the Union, the purchase of a single slave represented as much as $130,000 and more in today’s prices. 

Who Are the Posterity?

 Promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity “POSTERITY means 1. Descendants; children, children’s children, &c. indefinitely; the race that proceeds from the progenitor… — 2. In a general sense, succeeding generations;” An American Dictionary of the English Language. We often hear the 2013 Congress saying we have to have/save money/ (prosperity) for “our” Children and grandchildren. 

The Preamble and the Constitution is addressing to only men and women of their own kind. They established it to promote Christian laws with Christian principles. Like after like, kind after kind.

A clear and precise understanding that, ‘WE The People’ was known and understood to mean the people of the white race and none other. The Preamble emanated from and for the people so designated by the words “to ourselves and our posterity”

The inclusion of any other race in the political community embraced by the Constitution is in violation of the whole intent and purpose of that Constitution and a trespass upon the Preamble. Numerous judicial and legislative authorities have commented upon the utterly destructive consequences of such violations of the organic law.

The “Preamble People” were free white men. These men were the “We The People” who set up this United States Government. Then along came the 13th and 14th Amendments. The 13th Amendment freed the Slaves and the 14th Amendment identified Them and created for Them; “New Privileges”. These were not new Privileges extending the “free People;” but to the newly freed Slaves; these were new Privileges. 

These men (which included you and I) did not then nor do they (or we) now (under our Constitutional Government) have a grant of “Privileges;” but the Privileges created by the Constitution were for their “14th Amendment” dentified Individuals as “New Citizens.”

Those new Privileges were guaranteed and protected to Them by Federal and Lawful Constitutional Authority. Section5 of the 14thAmendment and Section2 of the 13th Amendment lawfully granted Congress the Authority and the Power to protect and enforce the new “Freedoms” and “Privileges” which were “granted” to all Individuals lawfully claiming “Privileges” granted under that “14th Amendment.” 


Your Silence to My Injustice, is Injustice: My Today, Your Tomorrow– By WAY OF #NRA #KOCH Wayne LaPierre who ‘exploit people’s fears

“Listen! You leaders, you rulers, should you not know justice? Yet you hate what is good and love what is evil. You tear the skin off my people and pull the flesh off their bones. You eat their flesh and flay off their skin, breaking their bones into pieces and chop them up like meat in a kettle, like flesh in a pot. You hate what is just, you disregard what is equitable, you build Zion through violence and bloodshed and the city of Jerusalem through wrongdoing. Your judges decide cases based on bribes, your priests teach a palatable message to receive pay and your prophets share favourable visions for money.”                                           (Micah 3:1-4, 9-12) 

Presently, the prison population in America consists of more than six million people, a number exceeding the amount of prisoners held in the gulags of the former Soviet Union at any point in its history.

 The Economics of Incarceration in the USA

The Prison Industrial Complex: The Economics of Incarceration in the USA

The agency has come under heavy criticism for seeking to contract a 1,250-bed immigration detention facility in Essex County, New Jersey to a work for free for private company that shares intimate ties to New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie. Given the private prison industry’s dependence on immigration-detention contracts, the huge contributions of the prison lobby towards drafting Arizona’s recrementitious immigration law SB 1070 are all but unexpected. While the administration of Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer represents private prison lobbyists, her Department of Corrections budget has been raised by $10 million, (the states only money) while all other Arizona state agencies are subject to budget cuts in 2012’s fiscal year. GDP

Prison–industrial complex

Wayne LaPierre ‘exploits people’s fears

  NRA convention: Wayne LaPierre 'exploits people's fears,
Strapped For Cash The NRA needed a shot in the arm.” #PrisonIndustry Response /NO MONEY MOTTO:
 Just “Make sure they don’t eat and they will come” (No Food Stamp Binging) WE can TAKE their VOTE, Education/Jobs
Rights/ Family Housing/ Award their children to the state#GOP/#NRA/#ALEC/Slavery Corporation   win win win $$$$$$$$$$$$$    MiddleClass     Wonder where your Job went:
USA incarceration timeline

US incarceration rate per capita

The term “prison-industrial complex” (PIC) is used to attribute the rapid expansion of the US inmate population  sold to #GOP. the political/ economical/ influence who  benefit off  private prison companies and ,also,businesses that supply goods and services to government prison agencies. The term is derived from the “military-industrial complex” of the 1950s. Such groups include corporations that contract prison labor, construction companies, surveillance technology vendors, lawyers, and lobby groups that represent them. Activists[who?] have argued that the prison-industrial complex is perpetuating a flawed belief that imprisonment is an effective solution for Slaver CORP to social problems such as homelessnessunemploymentdrug addictionmental illness, and lilliteracy.

The term ‘prison industrial complex’ has been used to describe a similar issue in other countries’ prisons of expanding populations.[1]

The promotion of prison-building as a job creator and the use of inmate labor are also cited as elements of the prison-industrial complex. The term often implies a network of actors who are motivated by making profit rather than solely by punishing or rehabilitating criminals or reducing crime rates. Proponents of this view, including civil rights organizations such as The Rutherford Institute[2] and the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU),[3] believe that the desire for monetary gain has led to the growth of the prison industry and the number of incarcerated individuals.


Butler v. Comcast Corp.

‘Kids For Cash’ Class Barred By Comcast, Prison Cos. Say




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