Guerrilla Gardening…Seed Bombs!!!

Source: Guerrilla Gardening…Seed Bombs!!!

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Voting Rights Count CCA-GEO-SCOTUS-PRISON-INDUSTRY 2 2The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons | Global …

Feb 4, 2013 – The expanding use of prison industries, which pay slave wages, as a … higher profits to military corporations — whose weapons wreak such …


Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR and FPI, is a wholly owned … on behalf of military arms manufacturers to be marked up in cost and sold to the …

Workers World Party

Jun 6, 2011 – The expanding use of prison industries, which pay slave wages, … still higher profits to military corporations — whose weapons wreak such …

Yahoo! Finance

Aug 6, 2013 – Federal Prison Industries, a company that contracts out prison labor, … identified the Corrections Corporation of America stock ticker as CCA.

Private Prison Stocks Soar As Companies Cash In On ……/private-prison-investors-see-profit-in-…

Sep 2, 2014 – Private prison investors are seizing on the influx of migrants from Central America … have arrangements with federal agencies to detain immigrants. … other individual in the corrections industry, at $22 million in compensation …

Wall Street bets on prison growth from broder crisis – Aug ……/border-crisis-prisonstocks/

Aug 29, 2014 – Private prisons stand to benefit from the border crisis. … They have thousands of open beds, and they have deep relationships with the federal agencies charged … the stocks of Geo Group and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). … Still, analysts remain very bullish on the for-profit prison industry.

Business Insider

Jul 14, 2011 – Simultaneously, the number of federal prisoners in private facilities grew by … And the campaign donations from the prison industry’s biggest …

2 Prison Stocks That Look Good: Corrections Corp, Geo Group…/2-prisonstocks-that-look-good-corrections-corp…

Apr 7, 2014 – Both stocks have provided investors with exceptional long-term returns. In 2012, both … Second, the prison industry is recession-proof. While a …

Private Prisons Profit From Immigration Crackdown, Federal …

The Huffington Post

Jun 7, 2012 – The private prison industry has exploited the crackdown as something … Stock prices for CCA and GEO Group, the two major publicly traded …

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