Racial Voting and Racial Threat Theory in Louisiana

Passion for Progress

Below is an excerpt from a longer paper which outlined the diversity of the state of Louisiana.  The section below examines the phenomena of racial voting in this state.   

“Louisiana has been a fairly solid Republican voting state since the 1980s. Louisiana did, however, brake rank with the other southern states such as Alabama and Mississippi and voted Democrat in 1992 and 1996. Bill Clinton was able to win Louisiana in in these years as a Democrat for a few reasons. Clinton’s win in the state in 1992 was largely due to the influence of Ross Perot. Clinton won 46% of the vote and Perot won 12% thus giving Clinton the plurality over George H. W Bush. Clinton’s win in Louisiana was also due in part to the fact that he and his running mate were Southerners (Saal, 1993). Clinton won in 1996 won for a number of other reasons. The economy prospering and Clinton’s…

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