White-on-White Crime

White’s prosper  because, they self-police. Blacks,allowed to self-police, will also prosper.

Amid conservative exhortations that black leaders are “too focused on racism,” and insufficiently concerned about “black-on-black crime” — which claims are commonly made whenever racism is in the news, but have been especially ubiquitous in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict — a few points are, it seems, in order.

First, the charge is simply false. Civil rights organizations and black community leaders do in fact discuss crime in urban communities often.

That most white folks — and especially those on the right — don’t know this, is simply because they don’t know many if any black people (at least not those who live in black communities), haven’t spent time themselves in those communities, and don’t read or listen to black media, where not only are such issues covered, but the efforts made by people in the community to address those problems are also highlighted; unlike in the “mainstream” (read: white) press, where they are usually ignored.

Occasionally these self-help efforts make their way into major news sources, but rarely do right-wing talk show hosts then mention the efforts of black and brown communities to address violence or self-policing.


get more political mileage out of simply blasting “black pathology,”

without context or countervailing evidence.

Oh, and needless to say they don’t praise groups like the Nation of Islam, which have a long track record of effective anti-crime initiatives in urban communities (and a history of getting black men with records moving in a more productive direction), or folks like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose tenure at Trinity United Church of Christ, in Chicago, involved multiple initiatives aimed at addressing violence and crime on the South Side.

In other words, they ignore such self-help initiatives because they don’t emanate from blame-the-victim, “culture of poverty” theorists, but rather, often militant and radical black voices who speak out against crime and violence in the black community, but also against racism and systemic injustice (because black folks, unlike white conservatives apparently, are capable of addressing both at the same time).

Second, the mere fact that the term “black-on-black crime” is used (while “white-on-white crime” is never used the same way),

suggests that the phrase is more about reinforcing stereotypes of black people as inherently dangerous, than actually addressing the phenomenon of intra-group violence. The term is not benign or merely descriptive, for if it were intended as such, we would use “white-on-white” crime to describe the crime that mostly affects white people, but we don’t. And not because it’s a minor occurrence. According to the most recent comprehensive data from the Justice Department (in that it tallies crime estimates by race, for offenders and victims, and not merely for crimes reported to police, but also those that are not reported):

In 2008:

There were 2,788,600 white victims of violent crime involving a single offender.

In 67.4 percent of these cases, the offender was known to be white.

So, in 2008 there were at least 1.9 million white-on-white single offender violent crimes.

This, compared to roughly 369,000 black-on-black single offender violent crimes.

So, in 2008 there were more than five times as many white-on-white violent crimes involving a single offender as there were black-on-black violent crimes involving a single offender.

Oh, and, importantly: the rates of white-on-black and black-on-white violent offending here were virtually identical, contrary to common perception. 15.4 percent of white victims were victimized by blacks, while 15.9 percent of black victims were victimized by whites.

Additionally in 2008, there were 726,530 white victims of violent crime involving multiple offenders. Although large numbers of these crimes involve offenders with indeterminate racial identities, or a mix of such identities, in 42.4 percent of such incidents the offenders were both (or all) known to be white.

Meaning there were at least 308,000 white-on-white multiple offender violent crimes.

This, compared to about 117,500 black-on-black multiple offender violent crimes.

So, in all, there are roughly 2.2 million white-on-white violent crimes annually, compared to fewer than 500,000 black-on-black violent crimes, meaning that there are about four times as many of the former as the latter. Continue Reading Sourc

Prison Industry supports and demands:

There are generations of African-Americans who haven’t had two parents to show them the way.

until police themselves are held financially responsible nothing will change. these settlements are just paid by tax dollars (your own money) and none of the officers ever suffer financial responsibility for their actions. once you start taking their homes and cars and bankrupting them things will change quickly.

  • Police officers represent the state and, despite community policing initiatives, rely on the threat of legal violence to maintain the state’s definition of order- instead of negotiation.

  • The Psychology of Bias — Fair and Impartial Policing

    Correll, J. (2009). Racial bias in the decision to shoot? The Police Chief, 54-58.

    This article reviews a Chicago study and two Denver studies that assessed how community participants compared to trained police officers in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios, where the race of the armed or unarmed target was manipulated.   The researchers measured reaction time (time to make the decision to shoot or not) and errors.  All three studies revealed that community participants consistently exhibited racial bias, so that a lower criterion to shoot was applied to Black targets compared to White targets.


  • Like the community sample, the researchers found that police officers exhibited … For all instances that the harm-doer was Black, the White participants … self-reported beliefs and attitudes about Black suspects compared to White suspects.
  • The Atlantic

    Apr 22, 2015 – Despite actively reading and commenting on police misconduct for … Paramedics and police responded to the emergency call, but the white officer became hostile. … “Bitch, you ain’t no better than any of the other old black bitches I …. The sci-fi film’s self-aware satire went unrecognized by critics when it …

    You’ve visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 5/18/15
  • University of California, Berkeley

    Black-on-BlackPolicing: Ethnic Identification Among African. American Police in … Peter Moskos, “Two Shades of Blue: Black and White in the Blue. Brotherhood” …… Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America. New York: Harper.

  • Policing for a New South Africa – Page 93 – Google Books Result

    In South Africa, as elsewhere, voluntary selfpolicing has historical legitimacy. … to two related pressures—alienation from the state police (white and black), and …

  • Benjamin Todd Jealous: Black, white, blue and Freddie Gray

    In the first episode of the HBO drama “The Wire,” Baltimore’s Western Police District is introduced as a place where officers “collect bodies, split heads … the Western District way.” On April 12, 2015, in the real Western District of Baltimore, Freddie Gray was detained by police. Before long, his neck and larynx were broken, and he died in a coma seven days later.

    Daily News

    Apr 26, 2015 – Black, white, blue and Freddie Gray: Urgent lessons about race and policing … Why did the police chase him down if they lacked probable cause? … the hands of a self-appointed neighborhood watchman gave many people …

  • Love & Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American …

    Eric Lott, ‎Greil Marcus – 2013 – ‎History

    These minstrel types, that is to say, were also black, and much of the disorder … Since the racial partitioning so necessary to white self-presence opens up the … were something like compromise formations of white selfpolicing, opening the …

    If Black Lives are every going to mater, then Blacks will self-police and white wont know that they are here.


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