Judge Richter The Ferguson Missouri amnesty program will be effective March 20, 2015, after a scathing federal report called his court little more than an ATM for the city. Judge Ronald Brockmer

Ronald Brockmeyer, the municipal judge in Ferguson, has resigned less than a week after a scathing federal report called his court little more than an ATM for the city. And the Missouri Supreme Court has ordered all Ferguson municipal court cases transferred to Judge Roy L. Richter of the Court of Appeals for the Eastern District of Missouri.

Governor Chris Christie took the New Jersey office in 2010. While he has no personal ties to Latinos, he won 51 percent of the Hispanic vote during his 2013 reelection. Chris Christie’s Texas horror: Meet the scandalous prison company he’s long promoted, about Governor Christie’s lobbying for the controversial corporation that owns these immigration detention centers, criticized as being some of worst in the country. It turns out that the former senior vice-president of the Community Education Centers, Bill Palatucci, also served as chairmen of Christie’s 2013 reelection campaign, and is co-chair of Christie’s inaugural committee, and part of his innermost circle.

  John D. Ferguson

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[11 Feb 2009 |

End Abuse for Profit in Immigration Detention

Private prisons have found yet another way to waste hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars: locking up immigrants, sometimes for years, before the U.S. deports them. Their crime? Most often just crossing the border.

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[26 Aug 2008 || ]

PROFITSThe math is simple. More demand for immigrant detention beds, plus more government funding, equals more business for Corrections Corporation of America. Every year since 2003, the company has made record profits.

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[25 Aug 2008 | | ]

CONNECTIONSCCA plays the game of politics like a pro. After all forty percent of its revenue comes from federal contracts. The company backs key politicians who support an immigration crackdown, and has intensified its lobbying in order to influence those still on the fence.


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