Anthony BATTS feed/spread rumors to media “high school kids were going to converge”

ADL trained,Anthony Batts* through news media spread rumor ‘high school kids to converge”; kids met by militia at dismissal assaulted;Unlawfully Detained Based on Fake Probable Cause;Protest erupts; more are detained.

What Time were kids released from school and were parents notified that children would be sent home w/no after school activities?

Memo from the mayor: Cop may stop someone after curfew,may not arrest, unless person is actively breaking a penal code at time of Freddy Gray Curfew-stop. COPS may not effect an arrest for violation of curfew.  Baltimore Curfew and homelessness(how you can help!) It does not automatically trigger an arrest, unless a person is engaging in criminal activity.

Gentrification is any facet of urban renewal that inevitably leads to displacement of the occupying demographic.

Anthony Batts* oversaw Oscar Grant Case Oakland PD case Map only a fool lets his enemy teach his children X Hemp Quotes Prohibition thomas_jefferson_quote_2 saying quote Give kids liberty Prison Industry sayings Quotes crime Cops quote-until-justice-is-blind-to-color-until-education-is-unaware-of-race-until-opportunity-is-lyndon-b-johnson-95736 lincoln-prohibition-quote-picture-800x482 Palestinians-not-worth-to-live Johnson po white iraq-deformed-children 2

great minds ordinary concern

great minds ordinary concern

Frustration and reflection for Frederick Douglass High School…/baltimore…/bs-md-ci-freddThe Baltimore Sun

  • 7 days ago – City school officials said that Monday, about 75 students left the school around 3 p.m., an hour before dismissal. By that time, city police had …
  • Baltimore: Hogan declares emergency ……/baltimore…/68aca83a-ec…

    The Washington Post

    Apr 27, 2015 – Gray died of an injury he suffered while in police custody. … Rioting erupted in pockets of the city after Freddie Gray’s funeral on Monday, leaving business looted and …. Douglass High School, around the time the students were dismissed. … They’re kids coming into our neighborhood and breaking it apart.

  • U.S. News & World Report

    Apr 26, 2015 – BALTIMORE (AP) — A protest over the death of Freddie Gray, who was … April 19 just days after an encounter with police left him with grave spinal injuries. … Elijah Cummings, a long-time congressman representing Baltimore’s 7th District, … “We hope that the department will dismiss the citation and, going …

  • Mother Jones

    Apr 28, 2015 – The funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died in police … No kids were yet around except about 20, who looked like they were waiting … similar story: “When school was winding down, many students were leaving …. They were relatively well behaved for some time, but after the 1860s, they …


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