Religious Group…


Children Used To Clear Asbestos From Christian School

Religious Group Saves Money by putting Children At risk Exposure To Asbestos Cancer
Jeffrey Mandell · Perrysburg, Ohio
I am truly in shock! Like the Romans using slaves in the asbestos mines!

the Buckeye Education School in Berea, OH. Buildings built prior to the 1980s often contain asbestos materials. Asbestos exposure can cause severe medical conditions including lung cancer and mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that currently does not have a cure.

Berea, Ohio – A Ohio religious school is under fire after it was uncovered that volunteer students were intentionally exposed to the deadly toxin asbestos during a renovation project. The Buckeye Education School, in direct violation of state and federal regulations, did not hire an outside asbestos removal contractor to abate the toxin from the school, but instead relied on the volunteer labor of its students, including some teenagers as young as 13 years old.

In a shocking video captured by a concerned neighbor, Buckeye Education School students are shown to be removing asbestos from the building in buckets, without protective gear, and dumping the toxin into dumpsters. The video also shows a contaminated cloud rising from the dumpster after the students pour the asbestos debris into it.

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