The PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (the PIC) Americans Want Congress Members To Pee In Cups To Prove They’re Not On Drugs

The PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (the PIC) A MATTER OF CHOICE- THE CONSEQUENCES OF ARBITRARY ENFORCEMENT OF VICE LAWS.  While most Americans don’t like the idea of drug testing for welfare recipients, they LOVE the idea of drug testing for members of Congress.  Every little thing that Congress does, affects all of our livelihoods.  

Drugs have no respect of person. Drugs cannot be contained by neighbourhood, or position in society. Republican Florida Rep. Trey Radel has been charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession in Washington, D.C. while at the same time, pushing through a bill to require welfare recipients be tested. It is absolutely necessary that Congress have a clear head at all times in serving the public interest. It is also imperative that policeman be randomly drug tested.

The report of the Committee, released on April 13, 1989, found that “Contra drug links included… payments to drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department of funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance to the Contras, in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies on drug charges, in others while traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.” The U.S. State Department paid over $806,000 to known drug traffickers to carry humanitarian assistance to the Contras.[9]

Republican Florida Rep. Trey Radel has beencharged with misdemeanor cocaine possession in Washington, D.C. A newly elected Tea Party Republican, Radel issued a contrite statement that he has struggled with alcohol and that his alcoholism led to “an extremely irresponsible choice.” UPDATE: Radel has pleaded guilty and received a one year probation sentence.

Congress thru it’s Think Tanks who are in the business to invent new ideas and, ‘spin’ them into policies the public will like, even if they’ll actually be harmful. They make undemocratic policy look like democracy, racism look like justice, destroying the environment look like progress, weapons & abuses of our Rights look like our “ protection. ” “ Zero Tolerance,” “Welfare Reform,” “Urban Revitalization” &others were invented by think tanks like the Manhattan Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Brookings InstituteAmerican Legislative Exchange Council & the Reason Public Policy Institute. Owned by weapons builders, prison builders, privatizers & real estate developers, they lead the way in mass imprisonment, the War on Drugs &the War on Terrorism; militarizing borders & criminalizing immigrants; gentrifying cities & driving out the poor; destroying welfare & privatizing everything—health care to prisons & schools. They push for corporate welfare, de– regulation & anything to help big business monopolize our resources, labor & political system.

An extensive New York Times investigation details Christie’s connections to a company, Community Education Centers, that holds extensive contracts to run a system of halfway houses in New Jersey. Christie’s Ties To Private Halfway House Company Run Deep.  Now the fight is on between halfway houses and the corrections department.

Out of a total of about $105 million allocated to halfway houses, Community Education Centers receives about $71 million.

Rick Scott pushed  drug-testing  and then designated a medical provider/clinics his wife owns as the drug testing company. GOV Scott is the biggest Medicare fraudster in history and FL is the king of Medicare and Miedcaid fraud amongst states. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott paid more money to drug test welfare recipients than he saved in not paying welfare to those that failed the drug test! How idiotic.

Republican governor Rick Scott’s push to privatize Medicaid in Florida is highly controversial—not least because the health care business Scott handed over to his wife when he took office could reap a major profit if the legislation becomes law.


Scott and Florida Republicans are currently trying to enact a sweeping Medicaid reform bill that would give HMOs and other private health care companies unprecedented control over the government health care program for the poor. Among the companies that stand to benefit from the bill is Solantic, a chain of urgent-care clinics aimed at providing emergency services to walk-in customers.


Drug lab company are contractor for the county probation department.  Eric Landon, a former funeral director, asked the court for the right to sue Kroll Laboratories, a Louisiana-based private drug testing lab which performed drug tests for the Orange County Probation Department, just north of New York City.

Landon, legally representing himself, told the court that a false positive drug test just weeks before the end of his five-year probation sentence for forgery had cost him a new job, his upcoming marriage and thousands of dollars defending against the drug test results.

Landon discovered that Kroll Laboratories used a lower than recommended threshold for testing for the drug THC in the bloodstream, which made it likely that the results would be false positive. THC is the primary active ingredient in marijuana.

Landon said he wanted to pursue the case against Kroll on behalf of other probationers who may have been “bullied into prison without the wherewithal to challenge their drug tests,” he told the Associated Press.

The Court agreed that the lower standards warranted allowing Landon to sue Kroll Laboratories for “negligent testing.”

Whether an unemployed person or one on foods taps takes Ronald Reagan’s drugs or not, really has no effect on me, and therefore, does not concern me at all. However, there should be random testing for gun owners. Reagonimics  spelled, “ Reaganomics “, has also called  for a closer look at the illegal guns that are being placed in my neighbourhood.

Should Congress be the judge

IDEOLOGICAL INFLUENCES: Influence how we think about different groups of people, crime, poverty & prisons; they use “crime” as a tool to divide, to blame, & to justify inequality.

Many believe that Marco Rubio and his great thirsty manoeuvre was a sign of intoxication, but I guess it would take one to know one

#MARCO Rubio admittedly double-billed both the  #GOP & state taxpayers for eight flights 2007


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