Man Who Showed Video of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack Gets Stabbed in Jail


WHO WINS THE WAR ON DRUGS   Siad has no criminal record Now  in jail and stabbed; Mayor wins the war on drugs #Canada         

HEARSAY  Now, Mohamed Siad, 27, an alleged drug and gun dealer, sits in segregation after being stabbed in jail just days following the massive police operation.
Siad faces a slew of charges, including participating in a criminal organization, conspiracy and the trafficking of guns and cocaine.
An ongoing Star investigation reveals that Siad was the man who sat in the back seat of a car on May 3 and showed two Star reporters a cellphone video of the mayor appearing to smoke crack cocaine and making homophobic and racist remarks.
When police arrested Siad early in the morning of June 13 his home was searched, but the Star does not know if police recovered the video.

FACT: Siad has no criminal record

HEARSAY :  Rob Ford crack scandal: Man who showed Rob Ford crack video caught up in police raids

Siad M Exposes mayor

SIAD has no criminal record.

He matters.

Mayor Ford winning the war on Drugs War on the innocent –North America United

One of the men who allegedly sold crack cocaine to Rob Ford — and tried to sell a video of the Toronto mayor purportedly smoking it — is behind bars according to a Toronto Star report.

The report claims Mohamed Siad sat in the back of a car with two reporters in early May, showing them a cell phone video of Ford doing drugs and making racist remarks.



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