#SIAD , Man Alleged TO Show Video of Tortured Mayor Smoking Crack– Jailed, Stabbed BUT NO CRIMINAL RECORD #TORONTO #CANADA


SIAD SCAPEGOAT DOOMED by long Reach of Mayor Ford:

“That one” — he pointed to the hooded man with the beer bottle — “is Anthony Smith. He was killed outside Loki night club last week.” the young man on the far right side of the photo had been shot in the same incident. Anthony Smith’s death had them scared.

Ford was exploiting them, he told me.

PROBLEM:   If the mayor of Toronto, the man in charge of the fourth largest city in North America, one of the largest governments in Canada, and a $10-billion budget, was in fact using crack cocaine, the implications were endless. He opened himself up to blackmail. It called into question his judgment, his state of mind, his health. How can a man mixed up in crack cocaine and the underworld of Toronto have partial control over the police budget? BREACH OF CONTRACT

At the time, Siad (a newlywed with no prior record) is charged with three counts of participation in a criminal organization, 14 counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, four counts of trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in firearms, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized and possession of firearm obtained by the commission of an offence.



#OBAMACARE 2Require Equal Coverage for Mental Ills /addiction could reduce killings, curbing gun violence/ murders.http://nyti.ms/17c2lJu 



Man Who Showed Video of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack Gets Stabbed in Jail.


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