cops should work near their own homes–13-year-old boy carrying a BB gun was killed by a Expert Firearms deputy who thought his lookalike was real


one officer shot, one did not. The officer has PTSD, could be shell shot, this isn’t Iraq, find cover or best of all know your neighbourhood a lot better.  I thought cops were to work in their own community. They have protection. You can’t just shoot kids down. You are trained, they are not. If you are afraid, patrol another neighbourhood that you feel more comfortable serving and protecting.

We need our own community police. scary ass cops should work near their own homes

On Monday, the sheriff’s office confirmed the deputy who fired the seven shots was Erick Gelhaus,48, a 24-year-veteran of the force, who is also a firearms expert, Iraq War veteran, and a regular contributor to magazines and blogs that tackle gun issues. In Nov. 2008 SWAT magazine article titled “Ambush Reaction in the Kill Zone,” Gelhaus wrote about how you need to stay “in the kill zone” or “bad things will happen to you.”

In order to do that, he wrote, “you must take some kind of action” and find your “mean gene.” (PDF)


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