ALEC PRISON INDUSTRY EMPLOYERS Taser International National Rifle Association

American Legislative Exchange Council


INDUSTRY: Costing Middle Class Jobs

AlecPrison Industry

Corporate members[edit]

News Corporation (parent company of Twentieth Century FoxWall Street Journal and Fox News)[21]

Corrections Corporation of America; Geo Group (formerly known as Wackenhut)[28]; Koch Industries

3M[19] Allergan[20] Altria (formerly known as Philip Morris)[3] America Online (AOL)[21] American Bail Coalition[3] American Bankers Association[22] American Council of Life Insurers[22] American Council of Trustees and Alumni[23] American Insurance Association[22] American Legal Financial Association[24] American Petroleum Institute[25] American Principles Project[23] American Tort Reform Association[24] Americans for Tax Reform[21] Amoco[25] Anheuser-Busch[22] Association for Competitive Technology[21] AstraZeneca[20] AT&T[3][20] Bayer[3][20] BNSF Railway[24] Bristol-Myers Squibb[20] Cato Institute [21] Celgene[20] Center for Competitive Politics[26][27] Center for Digital Media Freedom[21] Centerpoint360[3] CenturyLink[20] Charter Communications[21] Cintra[22] Citizens In Charge Foundation[26] Civil Justice Reform Group[24] Comcast[20] Community Financial Services Association[22] Con-way[22] ConocoPhilips[20] Corrections Corporation of America[28] Coventry Health Care[22] Crown Cork and Seal Company[24] CTIA – The Wireless Association[21] DCI Group[21] Diageo[3][20] DirecTV[21] Dow Chemical[20] DuPont[20] EBay[21] Eli Lilly[20] Entertainment Software Association[20] Entergy[24] Express Scripts[20] ExxonMobil[3][20] Fadem & Associates[27] Farmer’s Insurance[24] Federalist Society[24] FedEx[20] Foundation for Excellence in Education[29] Free State Foundation[21] Genentech[20] Geo Group (formerly known as Wackenhut)[28] Georgia Pacific[24] GlaxoSmithKline[3][20] Heartland Institute[30][31] Higher Education Research/Policy Center Illinois Policy Institute[23] Imagine Learning[23] Institute for Justice[27] Institute for Legal Reform[24] Institute for Policy Innovation[21] International Franchise Association[22] James Madison Institute[29] Justice Fellowship[27] Kansas City Power and Light[32] Koch Industries[3][20][24] Lawyers for Civil Justice[24] Macquarie Capital[22] Management and Training Corporation[28] McLeod County Farmers Union[27][not in citation given] MV VeriSol[22] National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies[22][24] National Association of Water Companies[33] National Beer Wholesalers Association[26] National Cable and Telecommunications Association[21] National Coalition for Safer Roads[27][not in citation given] National Federation of Independent Business[24] National Pawnbrokers Association[26] National Popular Vote[27] National Rifle Association[20] NetChoice[21] News Corporation (parent company of Twentieth Century Fox, Wall Street Journal and Fox News)[21] Novartis[20] Orchid Cellmark[27] Pacific Research Institute[24] Pfizer[3][20] PhRMA[3] Pickle Consulting Group[24] Pioneer Institute[29] Price Waterhouse Coopers[24] Progress and Freedom Foundation[21] Property Casualty Insurers[22][24] Reason Foundation[21] Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals[27] Sanofi Aventis[20] Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association[21] Schering Plough[20] Serlin Hale[27][not in citation given] Sprint Nextel[21] State Farm Insurance[3] State Policy Network[21] Stop Child Predators[26] Taser International[24] Thomson Reuters[19] Time Warner[19] T-Mobile[21] United Health[29] United Parcel Service[3][20] US Chamber of Commerce[23][24] Verizon[20] VISA USA[22] Wine Institute[22] Wireless Generation[29] Wise Carter Child & Caraway[21] Wyeth[20] Xcel Energy[29]


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    • Thank you. Stay up. * Despite a clear need for mental health services, especially for low-income populations and at-risk children and teens, the city continues to cut funding in this area. The D.C. Department of Mental Health’s budget was cut 17 percent from 2008 to 2010. Over 5,000 D.C. children in need of mental health treatment do not receive it.

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